Russian Tortoise - For Sale

This is a male tortoise that I picked up a few months back but due to a busy schedule, I am afraid I wont have the time to properly care for him. I normally feed him every day or every other day with a handful of dark greens, kale, dandelions, etc and occasionally, some sweet fruit, like strawberry, melon, or apple. I clean his tank out regularly and give him a warm soak every two to three weeks.

The listed price is for the tortoise and for the whole setup as well. Everything you need for to keep him healthy indoors. It includes:
ZILLA 36 x 18 x 16 Glass Tank with Screen Top and Feeder Door from (Value: $ 120.00)
ZOOMED Deep Dome Lamp Fixture (Value: $ 39.00)
Play Sand (Value: $ 5.00)
Ceramic Hidey Log (Value: $ 15.00)
Plastic Water Dish (Value: $. 15.00)
Two Outlet Timers (Value: $ 6.00)
3 oz. Of Repti Calcium Powder Supplement (Value: $ 5.00)

Russian Tortoise (Value: $50.00)

Total Value: $255.00

Listed Price is assuming you will pick him up from me. Too steep? Make an offer.

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