Norwegian Sphynx Rats - For Sale

Everyone loves a hairless rat!

Hairlessness is a recessive genetic mutation resulting in the loss of production of hair within the first shed cycle, these babies are still in that process.

This mutation is notoriously difficult to reproduce and require significantly more attention then your standard norweigan rat. They require a consistent warm ambient temperature with very high protein and fat diets due to heat loss, and will need to be moisturized accordingly.

25 Each, 20 for 2 or more
-odd eyes(heterochromia)( very popular) * sold out
-black panthers * sold out

If your interested in odd eyes or black panthers you can feel free to email and I can add you to the waiting list :) Might produce some real soon!

Very strong polygenic geneology, will not have the issues normally associated such as respiratory. Each are hand selected for stronger genetics. These babies are very playful and hand tame making perfect companions.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you

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