Albino Male Pygmy Hedgehog to good home!!! - For Sale

This is mojo! He is approximately 2 years old and an albino pygmy hedgehog. He is very well-mannered and loves being active. He will ONLY eat hedgehog food (which can be found at nearly any pet store) and won't touch bugs or anything other snacks stated on websites. Because he is albino it is hard for him to see, especially in the light. He is very friendly but if you come at him where he can't see you he gets nervous and will spike up. He does identify people by their smell though and when he realizes it's you he calms down right away. His lack of sight does not stop him from being a lot of fun! He absolutely loves exercise balls and will roll around in it for hours. He will push objects around and sit on you and be as friendly as a spikey little guy can be! If you're looking for a cuddly pet then it's not him but he is great and is a great little friend.
When it comes to his cage he needs certain items which I will gladly supply at purchase to give you time to find them at your local pet store. I have tried changing things up for him and it resulted in an allergic reaction of a wart on his paw. It is fine and causing him no harm but he (as well as most other hedgehogs) are sensitive to change so just make sure you don't switch things up on him.
LASTLY AND MOST IMPORTANTLY--- He must be played with constantly. Hedgehogs will only stay friendly and fun if you play with them and interact with them as much as possible. This is the reason why I am selling him. I am finishing my last semester of college and am having a hard time giving him the attention he deserves and it will only get worse when I leave school and start a full-time job. So please, if mojo is your new pet give him lots of constant love!
I am selling him for $200 and will give you his cage and a new bag of food, bedding and litter. Price can be negotiated but the pets themselves are very expensive and this is a greatly reduced price from what I paid!

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