Jack-Chi (Bella) - For Sale

We adopted Bella from a rescue organization to have a companion for our 8 pound Chihuahua (Daan). When my wife got a job we wanted to get a play mate for Daan while both of us would be working. At the organization we saw Bella. We both really liked her and decided to take her. The Rescue organization said that she would not get big and would be the perfect play mate for him. Well, we have her for 4 months now and she is 30 pounds. They both want to play, but she is just to big for him. Daan also snapped broke his leg about a year ago and got it fixed. It is now healed and has a permanent plate. Now we are afraid that while playing she will break that leg again or another with the force she puts on his tiny body. While we are both at work we leave Bella in the kitchen and Daan is free to roam the house and keep them separated. We do this because we are so afraid of coming home with Daan having an injury. So the point we had of getting a play mate for Daan while being at work is not working out for us and made the decision to sell her.

She is very sweet and playful. When she sleeps she lays on her back with her legs in the air. Bella deserves better than being in the kitchen for 6 hours and Daan needs a like sized playmate. She needs to be walked daily and loves to be let free in the back yard.

Me and my wife are also traveling to Europe in 4 weeks and hope to have her sold to a good family before we leave so we don't have to put her in boarding for 3 weeks and then selling her anyways when we get back.

I feel sick having to do this but I have no choice. Please contact me if you are interested in Bella or want more details about her. Looking for the best home possible for Bella.

Sven Martinez

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