Colt is our beatiful 3 year old Doberman - For Sale

Colt is a beautiful pure bread Doberman. He was neutered by the breeder, they also cropped his ears and docked his tall. He's approximately 3 feet tall and about 90 lbs, he is a big boy. He has been obedience trained and responds to German commands, but could use a refresher course. He is leash trained but will also stay close when off the leash. He is playful and gets along with all the other animals and kids of all ages. We have both a cat and a Chihuahua plus 3 kids from ages 8-16. He does defend his family and house fiercely. We are all just very busy and we think colt would do best being an only animal with a family, couple or individual where he is the main focus of attention and someone who has time for him. He rides great in the car, loves the ocean, he will run with you on the beach or hang out on the boat. This has been a hard decision to make but we want what is best for him. He come with his leash, laydown rug for in the house, water and food dispenser. This is a local sale only!

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