1. S

    Georgia Rehoming Two Bonded Domestic Shorthair Cats

    Max and missy. They are brother and sister, 4 year old cats. 2 very loving bonded cats. They are both up to date on all shots, neutered and declawed. They are litter trained. The male has had a couple isolated incidents biting and I am pregnant which is why I have to rehome them. Looking for...
  2. TyFord

    Georgia ISO Ferret (Single or Pair)

    Hello! I am hoping to find a ferret (or a bonded pair of ferrets). I'm a college student, but I have the space and resources to take care of ferrets. Especially with the online courses now, I can offer a great deal of attention and play. Color and age doesn't matter. As long as they're healthy...
  3. M

    Georgia Cane Corso Puppies for Sale Near Savannah, Georgia

    I have 6 puppies for sale and they are all grey. Sire is formentino cane corso and female is grey in color. price $3,000. 912.661.8618
  4. T

    Georgia Bunnies & Rabbits for Sale Near Savannah, Georgia

    One bunny left. Six weeks old and ready for her new home. All white with tan spots $25 located in Richmond Hill Georgia
  5. S

    Georgia Pair of Female Fancy Mice for Sale

    Both mice are the same age, roughly 3 months old. They are being sold because my roommates and I can no longer care for them. The darker mouse is more friendly, the white one will need some socialization to warm up to you. They are being sold with the tank (10 gallons) and everything inside...
  6. C

    South Carolina Sweet Holland Lop Bunny!

    4 month old sweet hollan Lop Bunny for sale. She is very friendly and comes with a cage and her pedigree. Unfortunately I am moving and cannot bring her with me.