1. Rat Momma

    Nevada Male and Female Fancy Rats for Sale in Reno, Nevada

    I have 5 solid dark grey males, 1 off white male with light brown markings, 1 solid dark grey female, and 1 off white female with light brown markings who are all siblings and were born Nov. 1, 2019. I also have 1 solid white female with red eyes that is approx. 6 months old from a different...
  2. K

    Nevada Fish & Tank for Sale in Carson City, Nevada

    I am posting these fishes for sale due to us moving, and we can longer keep the fish. Included is the fish tank, food and cleaners for the tank along with a net and a vacuum and some rocks.
  3. K

    Nevada Dwarf Hamster for Sale with Cage in Carson City, Nevada

    I am selling this hamster, Molly, because we are moving and can longer keep her.