1. B

    Arizona Red & Blue Heeler Puppies

    These cuties are ready for their furever homes, 1 male, 4 females. Vet checked. They love kids, dogs, cats and are good around livestock.
  2. Collie Country

    Arizona Collie Puppies

    We are Happy to announce the arrival of 10 beautiful Collie puppies. Born March 29th. We will keep you updated on how they are growing, and which colors and genders will be available (we have a few homes waiting for a puppy). If you have any question in the meantime, please let us know.
  3. R

    Arizona Chi-Spaniel Puppies for Sale in Maricopa, Arizona

    I have 5 beautiful baby spaniels 6 weeks the 1st and a appointment the 1st as well for shots all playful and energetic
  4. J

    Arizona Maltipoo Puppy

    Female Maltipoo 4 months vaccinated registered with Maricopa County text only at 6236937915 for more info
  5. D

    Arizona 10 Month Old Bully Boy for Sale in Gilbert, Arizona

    This big little guy has been raised around our kids and loves them. He is a constant follower and protects them at every turn. doesnt drool and loves to run and play on slides. we have to say goodbye to our sweet Ozzy due to having three kids under 5 and me working a lot. Please find this guy a...
  6. Y

    Arizona Bunnies for Sale in Tempe, Arizona

    Two female bunnies that are around a year and a half! Both are litter trained and will come with everything I have for them: play pen, food, hay, litter and box, toys, bowls, etc. Recently just got them but turns out i am allergic to the hay. Super sweet and don’t mind being held. I also have a...
  7. A

    Arizona Aldabra Giant Tortoises

    I have two Aldabra Tortoises available. One is 12" for $4,500 and the other is 14" for $6,500. Price includes free shipping (anywhere in the US) and I'm offering $500 off if the pair is purchased together. These tortoises get HUGE 600+ lbs and are gentle giants that are easy going, don't dig...
  8. C

    Arizona 2 Sweet Guinea Pigs & Deluxe Set Up for Sale in Gilbert, Arizona (Phoenix)

    These two wonderful piggies sadly need a new home. I am pregnant and not able to care for them per Doctor's orders and they are too much work for my daughter to do alone. They are almost 1 year old, both males, and very nice. The dark brown one is spunky with personality, he popcorns (hops...
  9. L

    Arizona Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale in Queen Creek, Arizona

    Week old Golden Retriever puppies The cutest and most relaxed group of golden retriever puppies. Pure bred. Come from a loving home. Smoke-free home. Born 2/3/2020 and doing great! Growing healthy and strong. There are 3 males and 4 females for sale. Contact for more information.
  10. S

    Arizona Guinea Pigs with Custom Cage for Sale in Tempe, Arizona

    2 sweet girls needing more attention then what we can give them. Tame and dont bite. Love their veggies. Cage, hay, food pellets, bedding, and everything else in the cage is included. Custom made cage 47" long, 2wide, 20" deep.
  11. P

    Arizona White Ring Necked Dove in Mesa, Arizona (Phoenix Area)

    Young White Ring-necked dove. Mom and dad took very good care of it while it was too little to be on its own. Right now it’s the perfect age for bonding with humans. Cage not included.
  12. S

    Arizona I Will Adopt Unwanted Birds

    i will take your unwanted pet birds. i have bird experience and offer a loving permanent home. feel free to contact with questions. thank you , suzette
  13. C

    Featured Reptile Cages for Sale

    I have the following reptile cages for sale in Phoenix, Arizona for pickup only. Contact me if interested. 2). 25x25x25 Arboreal Cages complete with 2 florescent lights and 2 radiant heat panels. 2). Vision Arboreal Cages Model 211 (perfect condition) 1). 20G Long tank W/screen top and heat...
  14. G

    Arizona Juliana/Potbelly Piglets For Sale in Mesa, Arizona (Phoenix)

    Smart, cute, fun piglets ready for their forever homes. 4 females and 1 male. Parents on site.
  15. M

    Arizona Guinea Pig Giveaway in AZ!

    Both females. 2 for $20. Cage and all supplies included.
  16. J

    Arizona Male and female fixed litter mates bunnies

    Free to good home. Male and female American lop eared bunnies. Litter mates. They are both fixed. A little over 2 years old. Litter trained. Will come with food and hay and bedding for litter box. We just don’t have the time to spend with them that they deserve and would like them to go to a...
  17. V

    Arizona Adorable pet rats, small rehoming fee.

    I have 7 rats, approx 2 1/2 months old, 3 are female, plus momma. Babies are light to dark brown and momma is light color, in a certain light she looks like she has a little champagne color. All are very sweet and have their own silly personalities. All I ask is for a $40.00 rehoming fee for...
  18. Devinw

    Arizona 2 female budgies for sale

    I need to re-home 2 female budgies. No names to the birds. Have had them for a month and decided they just aren't for me. They are relatively quiet and on a sleeping schedule, so they're not loud at the wrong times. They come with everything they need including a large bag of food.