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    Florida New Zealand Rabbits

    These are well cared for rabbits that want a new owner! They were born January 15th. The price for each is 30 dollars but the price is malleable.
  2. H

    Florida F1 Goldendoodle Puppies for Sale in Miami, Florida

    The girls are on pink males on grey These beautiful babies ready their new homes with their new forever families.They are standard first generation goldendoodles and are good for mild allergies. People with severe allergies should consider a full bred poodle.These guys are minimal shedders and...
  3. Lovely yorkie

    Florida In Search of Male Yorkie Stud in Port St Lucie, Florida

    Estoy buscando hombres Yorkie para el servicio de estudios. Requirement: be a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, Small tea-cub, in the Port St Lucie area.
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    Florida Weimaraner Dog for Sale Near Miami, Florida

    Hi, I need to find a new house for my lovely and well behavior Weimaraner, Shadow. He just turned 1 last July. He got the anti rabies shot few days ago. At home we are 4 kids and two dogs, it is too much for me. If you can receive Shadow in your family, please just let me know. Thank you!
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    Featured Rat Terrier Puppies

    8 weeks old female Rat Terrier puppies. They are very playful, spunky. Great family dog. They are current with vaccines and wormings. Will go home with Health Certificate.
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    Featured Xoloichuntli Puppies

    I have 4 Beautiful Miniature and Toy Xoloichuntli puppies. They are 8 weeks old, very playful and spunky. Very sociable and crate trained. They are current with all vaccines and wormings. Puppies will go home with Health records. And a lifetime Breeder Support
  7. D

    Florida Pair of Batam Rooster & Hen

    Beautiful pair of Batam Rooster and Hen. Both Adults. Has Produced 1 Clutch of Chicks. Great price of $40.00 for the pair of chickens. Call or Text at for information. Pareja de Kikiris- Gallina y Gallo - ya son adultas - Ha producido 1 embrague de polluelos
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    Florida Batam Hen & Rooster for Sale in Miami, Florida

    Beautiful pair of Batam Rooster and Hen. Both Adults about 1.5 years old. Has Produced 1 Clutch of Chicks. Great price of $40.00 for the pair of chickens. Call or Text at for information. Par de Kikiris- Gallina y Gallo - ya son adultas, aprox 1.5 anos - Ha producido 1 embrague de polluelos.
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    Florida 55 Gallon Aquarium / Fish Tank for Sale in Miami, Florida

    The standard glass aquarium is made with care to assure that it can stand up to almost any application. Suitable for freshwater or marine inhabitants. High quality glass construction, Clean silicone edges, For freshwater and marine applications. Measures: 48.75" L x 21.25" H x 14" W. Excellent...
  10. S

    Florida Pedigree BEW Holland Lop Doe Rabbit for Sale

    I love her lots but she was not really what I was looking for! I don't have as much space as I wished, plus, I will be getting a cat soon. She is very lovely, and friendly. She might be a bit weary since she is switching homes, you can text me with any questions or concerns. She comes with a...
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    Florida Basset Hound Puppies for Sale in Davie, Florida (Pure Bred)

    Basset Hound Puppies for sale. Pure Bred, 4 males and 3 females all tri-colored. Both parents are owned by me and they both have papers. Looking for loving families to take our babies. They will be ready September 21 at 8 weeks old, and will have all their initial puppy shots. $1500 ea, serious...
  12. B

    Florida 2 Week Old Baby Squirrels for Adoption

    I have two baby female squirrels who are two weeks old. They have not opened their eyes yet (happens after 12 weeks). They need a loving home, we are looking for people who would include them in their family. Once they open their eyes and see you they will be imprinted on you and will have a...