1. L

    American Bully Dog for Sale Near Boston, Massachusetts

    Hey there, my name is Lena, I have a pocket bully for sale. he is currently 10 month old. His birthday is November 17 2018 Fully potty trained He is very calm an lovable, I have 2 . an they're brothers but only selling one. I'm only selling him is because i'm pregnant almost due and I also have...
  2. U

    Looking for an Aussie

    Hello, my name is Anthony Noel, I am looking for an Australian Shepherd, If anyone has any information please contact me at 413-726-8775
  3. Redlacey77

    Orange Face Opaline Lovebird Babies for Sale

    Super sweet young lovebirds. 1 orange face lutino opaline baby and 2 orange face dilute opaline babies: 180 each. Deposit of 80 to hold til fully weaned balance of 100 due day of pick up. Turquoise Peachface Pied: 160. Deposit of 80 to hold til fully weaned balance of 80 due day of pick up...
  4. QueenSensa

    Sold Half Russian Blue Kittens for Sale Near Boston, Massachusetts

    -Russian blues -Two Females -9 weeks old -Kitty Liter Trained -Eat Solid food - They are playful, sweet, and energetic. -If interested email [email protected]
  5. J

    3 Ducks for Sale in Peabody, Massachusetts

    Not sure how many are male and female but there are 3 or 4 eggs a day. Selling coop, wiring kiddie pool, and ducks for $200. Willing to sell ducks seperately.
  6. Redlacey77

    Sold Fischer Lovebird Male for Sale

    All white DE fischer lovebird is a handsome fellow. 1yr old Proven male. $40
  7. J

    Purebred Beagle Puppies for Sale in Lynn, Massachusetts

    Amazing purebred beagle puppies I have both male and females beagle puppies available please email me for more information [email protected] $800
  8. G

    Australian Shepard for Adoption in Westfield, Massachusetts

    Hello. We need to sell our very smart, sociable, and happy Aussie pup. He loves being with his group and was bought from a reputable breeder. He unfortunately cannot hear, so he understands signs and signals when communicating. He is up to date on all shots and is neutered. He is healthy and...
  9. L

    Boston Terrier Available for Stud

    AKC registered Red and White Boston Terrier available for stud. Proven breeder. Live coverage or fresh cooled/frozen semen available.
  10. Redlacey77

    White Bellied Caique Babies 1 available

    Dna pending. Taking deposits on these beauties. Only 1 White Bellied Caique available left for deposit. 1360 each. 460 deposit to hold a baby til fully weaned, balance of 900 due day of pick up. Babies should be ready around the 2nd to 3rd week of December. Message for more info. Thanks
  11. Redlacey77

    Sun Conure Red Factors - 1 Left

    Taking deposits on these beauties. All Dna'd. Red factor Sun Conure babies 820 each. 360 deposit to hold til fully weaned balance of 460 due day of pick up. Accept PayPal/cash
  12. V

    TICA Registered Ragdoll Kittens For Sale in Methuen, Massachusetts

    Ragdoll Kittens born Aug. 4th Ready about 1st-2nd wk Oct. 2019 Tica Reg. Traditional since 2007 Includes WellVetCk, vaccine, deworming, deflea, kitty pack and blanket. North of Boston, Ma.
  13. A

    Hedgehogs For Sale in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

    Licensed breeder of Hedgehogs offering quality hoglets (baby hedgehogs) at an affordable price! The baby of your dreams is within reach! Let me help make your hedgehog ownership dream a reality! All hedgehogs within my care are provided with veterinary oversight. Top quality natural nutrition...
  14. S

    Pug Puppies For Sale in Medford, Massachusetts (Near Boston)

    No shipping you must come meet them. 1000$ 4 males left. Located in Medford, Massachusetts which is near Boston.
  15. T

    Black Lab/Pitbull Mix Dog For Sale in Roxbury, Massachusetts (Near Boston)

    Hi, my name is Cali! I’m a little over a year and I love to play, run around and go for walks and car rides! I love other dogs and am curious about cats.
  16. S

    Scottish Fold Kittens For Sale in Southampton, Massachusetts

    We have a new litter of Scottish fold kittens!!! These Kittens are looking for a new family. Their father is Baron a Scottish Fold and their mother is a British Short Hair in the color blue/grey. Both are purebred Cats from Germany with documents. Bred by TICA standards. These kittens are fed by...
  17. T

    12 Week Old Male Kitten Massachusetts

    12 week old male kitten. He's very friendly and great with kids. He's loving and cuddly. He's litter box trained and eating solid food. I think he's an American Wirehair but I'm not %100. He has not had shots yet.
  18. T

    Tame Eclectus Parrot For Sale in Boston, Massachusetts

    Tame Eclectus Parrot, will come onto your arm and let you stroke him. He will make a brilliant pet and requires lots of time. Beautiful Australian parrot which is just over 10 months old. Text or call us on: (719) 297-2761
  19. R

    Siberian Husky Dog For Sale in Fall River, Massachusetts

    Looking for a new home for my 6 month old Siberian husky hes very friendly and great with kids my life doenst allow me to Gove him the attention he needs so I'm doing what's best for him and finding a new home for him he comes with a training crate a bed a food bowl and a brand new bag of food...
  20. S

    Female Ferret to Rehome in Worcester, Massachusetts

    We have just gotten a 4 month old ferret. She is paid trained and very sweet, but allergies are preventing us from keeping her. We are looking to send her to a good home. My son is 10 and she is really good with him. We will send her with all her toys and cage. We spent 300 dollars on her...