1. Johnathan

    Angoran Ferrets for Sale in Houston, Texas

    I have 3 Male ferrets and 1 Female ferret that need a home they are 6 months old now. They are all well socalized and love to be played with, they are whole and INTACT. Currently their diets consist of Marshell's ferret food mainly, but they eat raw meat with no issue and can even eat live meals
  2. K

    Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale in Bryan/College Station, TX

    Sire is an AKC Registered English Cream (Bear) and Dam is an AKC Registered Short Coated American Standard (Ruby Leigh). We are not Breeders, these dogs are in-house family members and get a lot of human attention. Puppies will not have papers because of Bear's Limited Registration but they are...
  3. S

    Hello!! Mini Aussie owner here!!

    Hello! I am a mini aussie owner. My babies are CKC registered. Our dogs don’t breed often but when we do, their babies are so beautiful and smart!! I love my babies even when they come in covered in mud!! Lol
  4. S

    Mini Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale Near Houston, TX

    I have a little boy who is a black tri male CKC registered up to date of vaccines. I have a little girl who is red merle with bright blue eyes CKC registered up to date of vaccines. She will almost be a toy size vs a mini due to being the runt of the litter. Both are being taught crate and...
  5. S

    Doberman Puppies for Sale in Houston, Texas

    Beautiful Doberman puppies are now available I have males and females. Dewormed, shots, declawed, tail docked. I have available black, blue, red, and fawn colors. Their stand so beautiful and so tall. They are so alert, This puppies are great guard dogs and they do great with children.
  6. Chihuahuasoftexas

    Chihuahua’s of Texas - Ashly

    Hi I would like to take a moment and tell you all about my self, and my business. My grandma and I have been selling chihuahuas as a hobby for the past 7 some odd years. We have a web site at chihuahuasoftexas.com We are located in Huffman TX. Recently due to a car accident my grandmother is no...
  7. Chihuahuasoftexas

    Chihuahua Pit Bull Puppies AKA Chipitt or Pithuahua

    I am expanding my website to offer Pithuahuas. A friend and I partnered up to breed his brindle pithuahua and my blue chihuahua. This breed is very unique and we got some beautiful puppies to offer. Rare chihuahua pit bulls AKA chipitt, pithuahua Born September 1st. Ready to go on October...
  8. KingTutsNakedButts

    Sphynx Kitten Adelita - KingTutsNakedButts

    Adelita is a pretty black female kitten . She is super playful and extremely loveable . Will be fixed and have up to date vaccines and dewormings . She comes with a one year health guarantee and is CFA register able . Contact me with interest website - https://sphynxcats.website/ Facebook -...
  9. mrossum

    Cane Corso Puppies for Sale Near Houston, Texas

    ICCF Registered Cane Corso Puppies for sale, born July 3. 2 Girls, black (weight on 10-07 31p) brindle (weight on 10-07 38p), all puppies shots done plus rabies shot. Price $1500 each Mike
  10. KingTutsNakedButts

    Sphynx Cat Kitten FeMale Black and White - Lulu - KingTutsNakedButts

    Lulu is a pretty black and white kitten . She is super playful and extrely loveable . Will be fixed and have up to date vaccines and dewormings . She comes with a one year health guarantee and is CFA register able . Contact me with interest website - https://sphynxcats.website/ Facebook -...
  11. KingTutsNakedButts

    Sphynx Cat Kitten Male Cream - Miles - KingTutsNakedButts

    Adorable Hairless Sphynx Kittens Are Open For Deposit . All kittens come with a one year health guarantee against HCM and Hereditary Disease . We are located in Houston Texas and do also hand deliver with in the U.S Visit our website for detail information .
  12. M

    Chihuweenie Puppies for sale

    Selling three boys. Prices range in between $300-500 Picture is of her litter. One is all black, the other is black with white paw and the other is black and brown. They are at least well over 4 weeks old.
  13. M

    Selling Old Dachshund

    We call her Pocket. She is a old Dachshund. She loves sleeping with people, snuggling under covers. She is scared of storms and loves arguing with people
  14. M

    Selling Youthful Puppy-dog dachshund

    We call him Buddy, he is a dachshund. I want to say we had him for 1-2 years and he manages to maintain this Youthful look. He was the runt of his group, so he will look this young for a long time or forever. He loves cuddling and being a big baby for people's attention
  15. M

    Selling Chihuahua

    She's a black Chihuahua. No the puppies aren't included
  16. J

    Looking for baby ferrets

    Looking for baby ferret in Houston tx.
  17. Cinypooh89

    Siberian Husky for Sale in Houston, Texas

    If you are interested in purchasing my husky, please email me at Email me at [email protected]
  18. R

    AKC German Rottweiler Pups for Sale in Texas

    AKC Registered, Champion bloodlines. 5 females, 2 males. Taking deposits now of 250
  19. E

    Pomeranian Available in Catherine Cypress, Texas

    Hi, I am new to this site. I have a beautiful Pomeranian that I just don’t have the time to dedicate anymore. I want him to go to a good home with a loving family.
  20. Emculp11

    *Local Inquiries Only* Bearded Dragon for Sale - Houston

    *Local Inquiries Only* I have a beardie, Bear, that joined our family about 4 years ago. She is very calm and listens when you talk to her. I hate to say goodbye to her, but I just can't give her the attention she needs. I also have all of her accessories (terrarium, hide, basking log, water...