1. L

    North Carolina Guinea Pigs, Cage, Toys and Food for Sale in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

    Guinea Pigs + cage + toys + food I am looking to rehome my guniea pigs to a good home. I have 2 only plus a big cage for them to play and be happy in. Theyre girls less than a year old. I am moving out of state which is why i cant take them they are loving sweet hearts. Price is negotiable
  2. Sayrurrr

    Virginia Borzoi/Standard Poodle Puppy for Sale in Danville, Virginia

    Meet Puffer! Born 12/27/2019. He is a Borzoi/Standard Poodle mix puppy, from an oops litter. Both parents come from champion, health tested lineage. He will be ready to go home on February 28th and will be up to date on worming and vaccinations. He will also be heavily socialised, started on...
  3. T

    North Carolina 20 Gallon Terrarium with Accessories for Sale in Greensboro, North Carolina

    20 Gallon Terrarium with several heating and light bulbs and thermometers I have a 20 gallon long terrarium, a screen lid, and several different heat/light bulbs and thermometers that can accommodate any kind of reptile. I am selling this set for $100. If you are interested and live in or near...
  4. T

    North Carolina Hedgehog for sale in Greensboro, North Carolina

    I have a 28 week old male hedgehog that I need to re-home. He is a very sweet boy who loves to run on his wheel and snuggle but due to my housing and financial situation I can not give him the love and time he needs. I am selling him, his cage, and all of his food and toys for $200 dollars. If...
  5. T

    North Carolina 2 Male Hairless Rats for sale in Greensboro, North Carolina

    Hello, I am trying to find a new home for my 2 male hairless rats. These beautiful boys and their toys and items are being sold for $40 dollars. However, the cage they are in is not being sold with them so you will need to have a cage for them. I am looking for someone in or near Greensboro who...
  6. B

    North Carolina White AKC German Shepherd Stud for Sale in North Carolina

    4 year old White AKC German Shepherd stud for sale in RTP NC Pictures here Beautiful coated white GSD stud straight back, 100~ lbs fully intact. Smart and fun loving with a gentle sweet personality. Gets along great with people and kids. He was not socialized as a puppy, so I worked with him...
  7. JodyBuchanan

    Featured Beautiful Baby Rainbow Lory

    Little Glory is a clown dressed up in beautiful feathers! Glory is a Green Nape Rainbow Lory. She was hatched on Oct. 1, 2014 and lovingly hand raised. She loves people and being the center of attention. I call her my little Velcro baby because her favorite place to be is with me whatever I am...
  8. RosieRT

    North Carolina Poovanese Puppies Looking for Their Forever Homes

    I have two Poovanese puppies ready to meet you! I have one female (Bella) and one male (Bailey). They are 9 weeks old currently about 3 lbs. Mom is a fullbred poodle DNA tested- and dad is a half Havanese and half Poodle his is CKC registered. They are each $800 obo. Contact me if you are...
  9. V

    Virginia Papillon stud

    Proven AKC registered stud. Loving and not aggressive. Will bring to you. He is the one on the left in first pic.