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Location: Aurora, Colorado 80013 United States, Ad#: 345075, Seller: Cuddlebug1, Member Since: Jul 21, 2009, Date Posted: Mar 28, 2016, Ad Views: 3064 , Seller Accepts: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Paypal

Cuddle Bug Chinchillas currently has 18 chinchillas in the rescue. They range in age from newborns to 13 years old. Below is a list and descriptions of each of the chinchillas.

Females Age
Gildis 2 years
Hiril 1 years
Amarie Newborn
Isilme' 1 years
Zamin 13 years
Eilinel 2 1/2 years
Nellas Newborn
Emeldir 20 months
Erendis 16 months
Gerda 12 months
Hundar 4 months
Malva 4 months

Males Age
Elros 12 years
Adalbert 5 years
Aldor 3 years
Nain Newborn
Androg 4 months
Milo 5 months

First we have a mother and her two daughters, Gildis, Hiril, and Amarie. Gildis is a 2 year old female, standard gray. She is a mellow and curious girl who will come to the front of the cage for attention and to talk to you. Gildis is very easy to pick up and hold. She will be ready for a new home as soon as her youngest baby is fully weaned on June 7th.

Gildis shares her cage with her two daughters, the oldest of which is Hiril. Hiril is a standard gray and 1 years old. Since she had been with a male prior to coming to us, Hiril is on pregnancy watch. She will be ready for her new home on May 31st if she proves to not be pregnant. If Hiril is pregnant, she will be ready when her litter is fully weaned. Hiril is a sweet girl who lives attention an does not mind being picked up and held once she gets used to you.

Hiril has a baby sister named Amarie. Little Amarie was born 2 weeks after her mother and sister were surrendered. Amarie is a healthy, curious little girl who is very friendly. She is standard gray just like her mother and sister. She will be ready to go to a new home on June 6th.

As mentioned, all 3 of these girls live together, however, they do not need to remain that way. They can be adopted individually, any two or all three.

Next we have a standard gray male named Elros. He is 12 1/2 years old. This little guy is very calm and gentle. He gets along with other chinchillas quite well and loves all the attention he can get. Elros is currently on a medical hold due to issues with his eating and weight. Once we are certain he is doing well, he will be cleared for adoption. We can take a deposit on him now.

We have second male on medical hold. His name is Adalbert. This poor little guy came to us half-starved and suffering from fungus on his front legs, face, tail and one back paw. His fungus is slowly clearing and he begun to put the weight back on. Adalbert can't be adopted until the fungus is totally cleared up and he puts on at least another 50 grams. In the meantime, we can take a deposit on him. Adalbert is 5 years old.

Nest we have two standard gray females who on behavioral holds. Their names are Isilme' and Zamin. Both of these girls were not handled at their former homes and are now very skittish and afraid of human contact. We are working with them and they are making good progress but we need to work with them more. Isilme' is 1 years old and Zamin is 13. They do not share a cage and we believe that Zamin should not be put with another chinchilla at all. Both chinchillas are difficult to get out of their cages and take a few minutes to calm down. Once settled, they are very sweet little girls. Once we are sure that they can be handled without causing them too much stress, they will be up for adoption. We can take deposits on either one.

Eilinel and Aldor and their offspring are our next group of chinchillas looking for new homes. Eilinel is a 2 year old, standard gray female. Two days after arriving at our place, she gave birth to twins. Aldor is their 3 year old father. He is a standard gray. Eilinel will be ready for a new home on June 2nd, which is when her babies will be fully weaned. Aldor will be ready for a new home on April 6th. We are accepting deposits for either one. Since rescues should never be bred, they will not be adopted out as a pair. Poor Eilinel has had a total of 5 litters and she is only 2 years old. That works out to one litter every four months. She was only 10 months old when she had her first litter which means that she was 6 months old when she became pregnant -- much too young.

The twins, Nain and Nellas are both standard gray like their parents. They are both doing well. We already have a deposit on Nain, but Nellas is still available. They will both be ready for new homes on June 2nd.

We have five other chinchillas that are also the offspring of Eilinel and Aldor. Four females and one male. Emeldir, Erendis, Gerda and Hundar are the girls. Androg is Hundar's twin brother. They are all standard gray like their parents. Emeldir is the oldest. She is a little over 1 years old. Next in age is Erendis who is just under 1 years old. Third in line is Gerda. She is 1 year old. The twins, Hundar and Androg are 4 months old. All of these chinchillas and their parents were handled very roughly at their former home. Because of this, they are very skittish and fearful, especially of children, but they do settle down after a couple of minutes and like to snuggle. None of them will make good pets for children. They need an understanding and calm adult to care for them. The four girls are on pregnancy watch since they were caged with their father and brother. They will be ready on July 6th if they are not pregnant or when their litters are weaned if they are. We are accepting deposits on the girls. Androg already has a deposit on him.

Last, we have Malva and Milo. Malva is a hetero beige female and 4 months old. Milo is a standard gray male and 5 months old. Since they were allowed to play with each other, Malva could be pregnant and is on pregnancy watch. She will be ready on July 21st if she proves not to be pregnant. If she is pregnant, she will be ready when her babies are weaned. Milo will be ready on April 21st. We are accepting deposits on both of them.

All of these animals are rescues and should not be used for breeding since we do not know if any of them carry a genetic illnesses. We will not adopt a male/female pair to the same home whether they are adults or babies since they will breed if kept together. If you are looking for a breeding pair, please contact us about our pedigreed animals.

Pictures oh some of the rescues are displayed in the ad. They are in order as follows: Gildis, Hiril, Amarie, and Elros. Pictures of the rest are in our other ads.

Each chinchilla will come with an information guide, a 30 day health guarantee, a free one year membership to the Chinchilla Club, lifetime support, chew toys, 8 oz of loose timothy hay, and one to one and a half pounds each of feed, hay cubes and Blue Sparkle dust.

The adoption fee for a single chinchilla is $85. Pairs (same gender) can be purchased for $150. Trios for $200. Quads for $250 Deposits are $50 for one chinchilla or 1/2 of the total price for more than one chinchilla.

If you are interested in any of the rescues, please contact us either through our website at cuddlebugchinchillla s.com. or directly through our email at Email Me Here

Cuddle Bug Chinchillas currently has room for more rescues. If you or someone you know could use our help, please let us know. No chinchilla will be turned away as long as we have room. Your pet will receive a loving home and excellent care while they are with us. Rescues are not used for breeding or for fur. All rescues remain with us until good homes are found unless severe injury or illness requires euthanasia to prevent a life of misery.

Cornellia Kern
Cuddle Bug Chinchillas

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