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Find Rottweiler dogs and puppies for sale and adoption. Buy, sell, adopt and advertise here. Continue reading to learn more about Rottweilers, protective, territorial, and loving dogs. Also known as Rotties or a Rotty (Rottie).

Popularity: Extremely popular;

Trainability: The trick with training a Rottweiler is to start early, be consistent and to be fair. While training and when the dog is young, don't wrestle and roughhouse with it. This may result in a detrimental effect and may teach the dog to become aggressive. Early socialization is very important when it comes to this dog. When training, stay positive, fair and reward the dog for a job well done with treats. Just as important as teaching the Rottweiler how to act in life is teaching it how mot to act. Overall, this is a very smart and eager to please dog that quite trainable. Just be sure to invest the necessary time in doing so;

Size/Weight: Large sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 80-135 pounds;

Origin Location/Date: The Rottweiler dog breed stems all the way back to early Rome where it was used as a herding dog and as protection. These dogs were used for all sorts of things as well, such as pulling carts, product deliveries, and companions. During the 1900s, the breed became very popular in the United States and was even the second most popular dog in the nation at one point;

Energy Level: You can't exercise your Rottweiler too much. These dogs are tough and durable. Rottweilers enjoy running in fields and in the woods, going for godo long walks and playing in the back yard and park. Besides that, you can bring them swimming and run them besides your bicycle as you ride. These dogs simply love being near their master;

Temperament: Rottweilers are very sweet dogs. Much of their behavior in their adult lives depends totally on what they experienced and how they were trained in their early lives during puppyhood. While this breed certainly is protective and territorial, it can just as easily snuggle up with you on the couch. Just be sure to exercise this dog enough to keep it stimulated and happy. You don't want your Rottweiler to become bored. It may take that boredom out on you in ways that are undesirable;

Necessary Space: Being larger, more energetic dogs, it's not advisable to have one of these dogs live in a small apartment with you. They need some room to play indoors and you'll need to being them outside quite regularly for exercise. A larger house with a fenced in back yard is ideal;

Talents: Rotties are brave and loyal and will defend you with their lives. These are excellent watch and guard dogs and sweet and loving just the same;

Life Expectancy: 9-10 years;

Group: Working Group;

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Rottweiler puppy and dog: protective, territorial, loving, brave, loyal, obedient, good watch dog, strong, sweet, companionable, powerful, observant, serene, silent, love to swim, energetic, and good with kids.

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