Miniature Pinscher

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Find Miniature Pinscher dogs and puppies for sale and adoption. Buy, sell, adopt and advertise here. Continue reading to learn more about Miniature Pinschers, also known as "the King of Toys" and frequently goes by the names "Min-Pin" or "MinPin."

Popularity: Somewhat popular;

Trainability: Miniature Pinschers can be trained effectively, but they can also be stubborn dogs. They certainly do have minds of their own. When going about your training of the MinPin, be sure to stay consistent and patient. They will learn because they're eager to please, but their strong characters can sometimes get in the way. As far as commands go, they can learn relatively quickly. Obedience training can be a bit tougher due to the breed's strong will. This is a difficult breed of dog to housebreak as well;

Size/Weight: Small sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 8-10 pounds;

Origin Location/Date: Although this dog looks like a miniature Doberman Pinscher, it's not one at all. It's an entirely separate breed that was first bred at least 50 years before the Doberman. The Min Pin comes from Germany and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in the United States in 1929;

Energy Level: The MiniPin is an extremely active and athletic dog. It requires lots of daily exercise to tire it out and keep it in check. If you don't exercise this dog enough, it'll take it out on you and misbehave by way of barking and running all over the place inside. It enjoys going for long walks and playing in the back yard and park. It'll have a great time chasing some tennis balls around, so stock up now;

Temperament: The Miniature Pinscher is a small dog with a giant mouth and an even bigger personality. It's almost as if this dog thinks it weighs 100 more pounds than it does. It's got spunk and will and guts. Be aware that this isn't one of those designer dogs that likes to stay quiet and cuddle up with you. This is an independent dog that will very vocally guard your residence, whether you like it or not. It'll bark quite a bit, chase other pets around and protect your family as best it can;

Necessary Space: While this is a small dog, it will need room to run around and exercise, so if you live in a small apartment, you may find yourself getting annoyed with the energy and barking of this dog. It's best to live in a larger home that comes with a back yard in which the dog can run and play;

Talents: Some say that this little dog is the most energetic of all dogs. That's not a claim that's difficult to dispute. The Min Pin is a lively, bold, spirited, and energetic dog that will make your house, his. It's a fearless and loyal breed as well as a good guard and watch dog. Just don't annoy it too much or it may take a snap at you;

Life Expectancy: 12-16 years;

Group: Toy Group;

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Miniature Pinscher puppy and dog: small, bold, alert, spirited, lively, barks a lot, high energy, energetic, fearless, loyal, bossy, independent, confident, proud, playful, active, compact, sturdy, good guard dog, good watch dog, and may bite if annoyed.

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