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Cockapoos have all the intelligence of the Poodle and all of the sweet family oriented personality of the Cocker Spaniel. This is a mixed breed between the two dogs just mentioned that dates back to the 1960s, or even earlier, in the United States. It's a very smart dog, great with small children, and wonderful as a family pet. It's adorable, compassionate, funny, great to be around, and just an overall pleasure to own. They're also sought after for their almost innate abilities in regards to agility and therapy.

Continue reading to learn more about Cockapoos, total people and companion dogs that were bred since the 1960s.

Popularity: Somewhat popular.

Trainability: The combination of being extremely intelligent as well as eager to please makes the Cockapoo a pleasure to train. When you show this dog a new trick and they perform it well, praise them for it. They'll wag their tails with happiness. They're happy when you're happy so you really shouldn't have much trouble training this breed. You can teach them tricks and obedience without issue. As a matter of fact, Cockapoos learn so quickly, their owners are usually surprised at their progress. The dog can learn much of what it needs to know by the age of six months. Use positive reinforcement and treats when training this breed. It is important to note that house training this breed may be a challenge, but stick with it.

Size/Weight: Small to medium sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 10-35 pounds.

Origin Location/Date: The Cockapoo has gone by a few names in the past; Spoodle and Cockerpoo. It's a mix of the American Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. This combination was first bred in the United States back in the 1940s. While the dog was bred back then though, it wasn't as nearly as popular as it's recently become in the midst of the designer dog boom here in America. While this breed isn't registerable with the American Kennel Club, it is able to be registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Energy Level: The Cockapoo isn't a high energy dog. It won't need to be run daily, but it will love its daily walk or play time in the back yard or park. It'll also enjoy playtime inside the house or apartment.

Temperament: As with any mixed breed dog, personality will totally depend on those of the parents. In general though, the Cockapoo is mild-mannered, friendly, people oriented and easy to train. It's a very companionable dog that loves to be around his family. Since the two breeds this dog stems from are workers, this dog will enjoy being given things to do to stay stimulated. It also enjoys exercise and playtime outdoors. Just not alone. This dog loves being in the company of humans too much for that.

Necessary Space: Because the Cockapoo is on the small to medium sized side and because of its moderate exercise requirements, this is an ideal dog for apartment living as well as living in a small home. As long as you've got someplace to walk the dog and an area in which it can play, you should be good to go.

Talents: These dogs are simply happy-go-lucky and are great family dogs. Be aware though that their coats will need constant grooming.

Life Expectancy: 14-18 years.

Group: Not Applicable/Designer Breed.

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Cockapoo puppy and dog: intelligent, friendly, happy-go-lucky, loving, apartment friendly, mild-mannered, people oriented, easy to train, companionable, bright-eyed, scruffy-coated, happy, affectionate, and require extensive grooming.