Siberian Husky

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Popularity: Extremely popular;

Trainability: The Husky promises to be an interesting training partner. This is a very independently minded dog and as such, it will attempt to establish itself as the leader of your household. When training, you'll need to be persistent, fair and determined. Begin training when the puppy is young and never let the dog get away with asserting its dominance over you. You'll need to set expectations and the dog will eventually respect your authority. Huskies do take to learning obedience and commands, but as a word of warning, this dog may simply decide not to obey you. It's important to set boundaries with the Siberian Husky;

Size/Weight: Medium sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 35-60 pounds;

Origin Location/Date: The Siberian Husky is a very popular dog in the United States. It was first bred in Siberia, where it was used to herd animals and pull sleds. During the 20th century, the Husky migrated to Alaska where it was again used to pull sleds, but also to transport medicine throughout the state during an outbreak of disease. Today, Siberian Huskies are popular choices for sled races and as family pets;

Energy Level: Siberian Huskies aren't described exactly as high energy animals. They're more of long lasting working animals. These dogs were bred to pull sleds for very long distances and the idea of doing that is still ingrained in their minds. You'll need to work your Husky every single day for hours on end. It will enjoy pulling sleds if you live in a snowy environment, but it will also enjoy running alongside your bicycle as you ride just as much. This dog needs at least an hour of physical activity every day. If it doesn't get it, it may become destructive. Also remember that these dogs were built for cold climates. They overheat easily in warm ones;

Temperament: There are a few rules when it comes to living with a Siberian Husky. They'll get along with other Huskies, but not so much with other household pets. If you do have household pets, such as cats, you'll need to train your dog extremely carefully. Better yet, avoid that situation entirely. These dogs are good with families and children, but they don't like to be left alone, so it's best to have more than one of these dogs in your home;

Necessary Space: Huskies are not suited for living in an apartment. These dogs need wide open spaces in which to run and exercise. Huskies are happiest when they're running, so be sure that you have the room and/or time for that. A large house with a fenced in back yard is best;

Talents: The Husky is a pulling dog. This activity is the breed's claim to fame. It can pull sleds in the snow for what seems like an endless number of miles. Huskies are very happy and content in the snow and the more to work them, the stronger the bond between them and you;

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years;

Group: Working Group;

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Siberian Husky puppy and dog: sled pullers, working dog, energetic, has stamina, not good with other pets, loyal, outgoing, mischievous, friendly, has great endurance, fastidious, and dignified.

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