Saint Bernard

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Find Saint Bernard dogs and puppies for sale and adoption. Buy, sell, adopt and advertise here. Continue reading to learn more about Saint Bernards, a huge friendly and gentle dog. Otherwise known as St. Bernards or just Saints.

Popularity: Somewhat popular;

Trainability: When it comes to the St. Bernard, you'll need to begin socialization very early on. These dogs are huge and as they get larger throughout their lives, they'll tend to take advantage of their size. They'll jump up on people, steal food from the table and so on. You'll basically need to start off with teaching them how to be polite and have manners (obedience) and then move onto how to walk on a leash and how to follow commands. These dogs are super friendly and are very willing to learn. Just don't leave them alone for very long as they much more prefer being around people;

Size/Weight: Large sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 120-180 pounds;

Origin Location/Date: Saint Bernards have been around for hundreds of years. These are Swiss dogs that have been depicted in paintings from as far back as 1707. This breed's name is derived from the Saint Bernard pass in the Western Alps, a location in which the breed would frequent during rescues in the snow. Today, the Saint Bernard is one of the most popular large breed of dogs in the United States, oftentimes due to its size and friendliness;

Energy Level: This is a moderately active dog breed. It's not hyper and it doesn't require daily miles long runs. You will need to exercise the dog regularly so it doesn't become overweight, but this isn't something you'll need to do three times a day. Regular walks are fine for the most part. The Saint Bernard also enjoys playtime at the park as well as in the back yard, so don't forget about that. This dog will also appreciate longer walks as a challenge here and there;

Temperament: If you like dogs that slobber, then the St. Bernard is for you. These dogs will lick your face and slobber all over you. They're not shy. They're big goofs that are loving and friendly and good natured. They're awesome family dogs and they love kids. While good natured, they will also defend their territory and they're fiercely loyal to their families;

Necessary Space: These dogs are very large, so you'll likely want to own one only if you live in a larger space with a large back yard. It's not unheard of that these dogs live in the city due to their moderate activity level though, but to keep you sane around a huge animal, you might want to avoid that;

Talents: The Saint Bernard is widely known for its tracking and rescue skills in the snow. These dogs have been put to good use through the years. Today, they're mostly known as excellent family pets;

Life Expectancy: 8-10 years;

Group: Working Group;

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Saint Bernard puppy and dog: huge, friendly, rescue dog, good sense of smell, likely to slobber, companionable, doesn't like to be alone, good protector, great with families, and great with kids.

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