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While many other breeds of dog were bred for specific hunting, herding, or other purposes, Pugs were bred primarily as companion animals. These are adorable dogs that have a very distinctive appearance. They've got squished faces and big eyes. They're small dogs that also fit very easily on a lap; something they enjoy very much. Pugs are highly popular around the world; particularly in the United States. They absolutely adore hanging around their families and are great around small children. Best of all, this isn't the most active breed, so it does quite well in small living situatins, such as apartments and city living.

Continue reading to learn more about Pugs, an amusing and distinctive looking dog that's been a family favorite for thousands of years.

Popularity: Very popular.

Trainability: While early training, socialization and puppy training classes are almost always recommended with any breed of dog, the Pug is widely known as a people-pleasing companion dog. As such, it's not a terribly difficult dog to train. When going about this process, be aware that Pugs are known to be sensitive to their master's voice, so be gentle with them. Also, be consistent and patient because these dogs do have somewhat of a stubborn streak.

Size/Weight: Small sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 14-18 pounds.

Origin Location/Date: The Pug breed of dog has been around for thousands of years. They were first popular in China and then Holland and England. In 1885, the American Kennel Club recognized the Pug as a breed and it now ranks very highly in popularity in the United States.

Energy Level: The Pug is only a moderately active dog, meaning it doesn't need extensive daily exercise. It will, however, love you even more if you bring it for some nice long walks every day. Pugs enjoy playing both indoors and out, so don't be shy about engaging it with some hearty playtime. Also, since this dog is prone to obesity, be sure that it gets enough exercise to keep its weight in check.

Temperament: Pugs truly love being around people and if it's being ignored by its owner, it may become jealous. In general, these are good-natured dogs that get along well with humans, children and other animals. Pugs are known as lap dogs and oftentimes shadow their owners throughout the day. They're very companionable.

Necessary Space: Since this breed is so small and since it doesn't have strenuous exercise requirements, it's perfect for city living in a smaller apartment. As long as it gets its necessary daily exercise, it should be fine in this type of setting.

Talents: The Pug was bred as a lap dog companion, so that's what its claim to fame is. This is a friendly dog that gets along well with its owner and other around him or her.

Life Expectancy: 13-15 years.

Group: Toy Group.

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Pug puppy and dog: charming, mischievous, loving, companionable, easygoing, straightforward, sociable, intelligent, calm, big personality, small body, good with children, good with pets, good with families, lap dogs, wheeze, and snore.
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