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Morkies have got tons of personality, so you'll always know when one is around. This dog is a cross breed between the Yorkshire Terrier, or otherwise known as the Yorkie, and the Maltese. These are two highly sought after dogs in their own rights, which makes the Morkie quite popular. This designer breed is very confident, loving, affectionate, loyal, and just glad to hang around their families. These dogs are also very fond of laps, so if yours is available, he or she will likely want to sit on it. They are known as lap dogs, after all. Overall, these dogs are fun to have around to keep you company, whether you live in a small apartment or house, they'll make a great pet.

Continue reading to learn more about Morkies, also known as Yorktese, a mix between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese.

Popularity: Somewhat popular.

Trainability: The Morkie is a highly trainable, yet sometimes stubborn dog. It'll take to new tricks easily and naturally if taught with a friendly posture and lots of praise for a job well done. Use treats and positive reinforcement and never use negativity. The Morkie is a sensitive dog that won't want to learn anything new if harsh methods are used.

Size/Weight: Small sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 4-8 pounds.

Origin Location/Date: First bred in the United States around the year 2000, the Morkie was first created to develop a dog that was small, low shedding and adorable. The mission was accomplished when the first designer Morkie was born. Since it's first breeding, the Morkie has gained popularity year by year, but still isn't a recognized breed by the AKC. Although, there are now designer dog breed registries available.

Energy Level: Morkies aren't overly active, but they do need lots of play time to stay fit and mentally stimulated. Use toys for play and take the dog for walks outside. You can also play in the back yard or in the park.

Temperament: This breed has tons of personality, due to their parents having lots of personality. It's a happy breed that's loyal and eager to please its owner. They're a joy to have around during play time because they truly enjoy bouncing around and having fun. The Morkie gets along with other pets in the house and are great lap dogs.

Necessary Space: Since Morkies are so small and since they don't require tons of exercise, they're wonderful for apartment living. Just be sure to get that play time in, which is easily accomplished indoors. This breed will also require daily walks outdoors.

Talents: Being a mix between the Yorkie and Maltese, the Morkie is a spirited little animal. It's loving to those its bonded with, intelligent, playful and devoted. Owners will adore the cuteness of this breed as its curled up on the couch or sleeping in bed with them. As a side note, this dog does require lots of human companionship, so be ready for that.

Life Expectancy: 10-13 years.

Group: Not Applicable/Designer Breed.

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Morkie puppy and dog: bright, stubborn, intelligent, easy to train, happy, loyal, eager to please, good with kids, good with families, great lap dog, and fine for apartments.