Irish Setter

Irish Setter for sale and adoption ads.

Irish Setters are truly beautiful dogs to look at. They're stunning and rather distinctive with their long red coats. This breed loves to play and has a seemingly endless amount of energy. If you choose to buy or adopt an Irish Setter, be sure you've got an area, such as a back yard or park, in which the dog can run freely. Beyond their looks, Irish Setters are very intelligent as well as sweet natured. They enjoy being around people and are very companionable. They're happiest when they're surrounded by their families. Originally, this dog was bred as a hunter due to its keen sense of smell as well as its very attuned sporting intuition, but more recently, they've become popular as pets. These are very outgoing and athletic dogs that are eager to please, so be aware of that when it comes time to make your decision on which breed to own.