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Find Bloodhound dogs and puppies for sale and adoption. Buy, sell, adopt and advertise here. Continue reading to learn more about Bloodhounds, commonly known as "Sleuth Hounds" due to their innate ability for finding people who are lost or hiding.

Popularity: Somewhat popular;

Trainability: The Bloodhound's true ability lies in its ability to track, so it can be quite the stubborn dog when it comes to training. This breed of dog is inherently eager to please though, so when attempting to train, be sure you're patient and consistent. Use a calm yet firm voice when training and be sure to show that you approve when there's a success or a breakthrough. Also take note that it can be a challenge to housebreak the Bloodhound dog. This breed can be highly obedient, but it's also important to show them the role they play in your group. They love to sniff things out in the wild, so go ahead and let them sniff as they walk. Or let them track something on their own on some land. They won't go far without you as they're not very independent;

Size/Weight: Large sized dogs, weighing in at an average of 80-110 pounds;

Origin Location/Date: The Bloodhound we see and love today stems from the St. Hubert hound, which was bred in the eighth century in France and then later moving into England. Many years later, the dog became popular in the United States due to the same reasons it was popular in Europe so many years before. Because of its tracking abilities;

Energy Level: We've all seen the portrayal of the Bloodhound lying on the floor and appearing to be the laziest of all dogs, but really, this portrayal isn't very accurate at all. While the Bloodhound certainly can sleep and hang around, it can also walk for hours on end. This breed needs regular and daily exercise, just like any other dog. Take them with you when you're out hunting in the woods or hiking through a field and they'll keep you busy all day;

Temperament: The Bloodhound is a gentle and relatively passive dog that's great with kids and families. They're good with other animals in the house as well and aren't aggressive with those people they don't know. They're a relaxed and affectionate breed while resting at home, but can become finely tuned and tireless when following the scent of something on the trail. It's important for you to keep your Bloodhound happy and mentally stimulated by giving it something to track every so often. Bloodhounds can acquire pent up energy and should be given tasks to keep stimulated;

Necessary Space: Because this breed of dog isn't very active, many people think it's fine to keep in a smaller area, but really, it thrives in larger living quarters. Also, it's important for it to get daily exercise and mental stimulation by tracking in the woods;

Talents: Bloodhound dogs and puppies are great at finding things, as stated above. They're also wonderful escape artists, so be careful when keeping them in fenced in yards. They seem to find creative ways of getting out;

Life Expectancy: 11-12 years;

Group: Hound group;

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical Bloodhound puppy and dog: friendly, affectionate, loyal, tireless, fine tuned, happy, gentle, passive, great with kids, great with families, relaxed, droopy, long ears, sagging skin, lovable, great at police work and excellent trackers.

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