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Have you ever heard of a ferret? Of course you have. They're small furry animals that look sort of like weasels. That's good, because they're related to them. They're also related to the European polecat. Ferrets make great pets because they can either be kept inside a large cage enclosure or they can run around the house or apartment. Many folks keep them loose in the house throughout the day and then put them back in the cage when it's time to sleep for the 15-20 hours they need daily. Ferrets are super loving and both kids and adults enjoy caring for them. Read on to learn more.

Many people like to buy baby ferrets because they're extremely cute and they can socialize them when they're young. They also like to train them when they're babies so they can do tricks, just like a dog would. Can you believe that ferrets are so smart that they can be trained to fetch and roll over? It's true. These are highly intelligent creatures. What's more, ferrets can live an average of eight years and are highly sociable. Unlike their ancestors, who were much more isolated, ferrets love to play with humans and other ferrets alike. They do like their sleep though, so be sure to allow them to rest in their cages. The average sleep time for a ferret is 18 hours per day.

Here's a small word of warning about owning one of these pets. Due to their intelligence and curiosity, they tend to get in trouble. They have been known to steal things and they reportedly have a love of taking shiny objects and hiding them in secret spots. So keep your eye out for anything that may be missing around your house, such as earrings or other jewelry.

If you do end up buying a baby or adult ferret as a pet from a classifieds website such as ours, be sure to neuter it to keep control of their population. Also be aware that these animals can be potty trained, so you won't need to constantly clean up after them. And finally, you'll need to buy some ferret toys to keep your pet mentally stimulated. These guys are smart and it's critical to keep them well behaved and entertained through play.

Many fans and long-time owners of ferrets say that buying them from a pet store isn't the way to go. Apparently, Marshall Farms is a big supplier of these animals for the pet stores and there have been claims of low quality due to over-breeding. Although, when you do purchase from a pet store, everything is usually completed already, such as the animal being de-scented, neutered or spayed, so that's a plus.

So, if you shouldn't buy a ferret from the pet stores, where should you buy it? Here are a few suggestions for you. You can always look through pet classified sites such as this one to locate ferrets for sale. We've got many popular ferret breeders here and we've also got lots of ferrets up for adoption. And they're sometimes free. That's right! Oftentimes, the seller demands that you drive to them to make the purchase, but they'll also sometimes ship them to you through the airlines, so just ask for their preference when inquiring. Another option is to call or visit your local cat, dog or animal shelter. You would be surprised how often these local rescues have rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets for adoption, so it's worth a try. These animals have become popular enough now in the United States that you may have a good chance of finding one.

Overall, ferrets make great family pets and they're wonderful with children. They've been domestic for thousands of years, so you can be sure that the breed is ready to call your house, home. FYI, the males are much larger than the females, so think about what size pet you want before asking too many questions of the seller.

A few terms and phrases to describe the typical ferret: good family pet, smart, mischievous, clever, thief, sociable, playful, needs lots of sleep, mouthy, rambunctious, cute, trainable, tame and walkable.

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