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Siberians are very old cats. They first came onto the scene in Russia approximately 1000 years ago. These cats were built for the cold and have a triple coat of fur that can withstand just about any temperature (as long as it's cold, not hot). Siberians lived exclusively in the forests of Siberia and because of the unforgiving climate, they developed into a bulky and fairly large cat. They're strong, very aware of their environment, command attention, yet appear to be sweet and gentle. Also, it takes remarkably long for these cats to grow fully into adulthood. They can remain as adolescents for up to five years.

Since they've been domesticated, the Siberian has transformed into a very affectionate and playful cat that's got tons of personality. And like so many other breeds, this one loves water. You'll find it in the shower, bathtub, and water bowl, splashing around with its paws. It's also important to note that this breed is very intelligent as well and can figure out more situations than you'd expect.

Siberians may appear big, bulky, and slow, but they're actually quite agile with movement and are good jumpers to boot. They can oftentimes leap great distances - much farther than would seem possible. They're also extremely companionable cats. They want nothing more than to be around their owners. They'll follow you around and greet you when you walk through the door. They just want to be near people.

Siberians do meow, but not annoyingly or overtly. They offer what's referred to as a "quiet meow" in that it's audible, but not overly expressive. They also trill, chirp, and purr a fair amount. This cat is very comfortable being groomed and pet while sitting on a lap. They can be trained to play fetch and will find just about anything around the house to play with, as long as it's small enough to knock around with their paws.