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Hi Humans!
I am looking for good human(s) who loves cats like children and would love me and care for me happily.
My name is Benjamin. Human mama calls me Ben and Benya.
I like humans and happy to purr for their pleasure.
Dogs make me wonder... I never had one or heard one.
Noise is not my cup of tea. Maybe that why I need to stay away from small kids, or they from me?
All cats are good, well I like to be the only one and be loved by retired lady or couple.
Gentle brush and talk is my best time.
I do not scratch or bite unless it is a defense from some attack, I hope never happen.
I like to talk especially when the maid does not clean my litter box good enough in my opinion.
I am smart, had been told by my humans. Do not ask much, just love and care.
Human(s) if one like I painted above close by you are allowed to visit with me and see if I like your company or you mine.
Oh, forgot, I am 2 years old without bad habits.
I will answer all your questions if you introduce yourself first. Looking forward to see you nice human(s).


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