Domestic Shorthair

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Domestic Shorthair cats come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and disposition, although they mostly look similar to one another. The primary difference between these cats is the colors of their fur. Most Domestic Shorthairs are of medium build and somewhat muscular. Their fur is short and they've got somewhat round heads. Since these cats are so very mixed with one another, there is no distint health complication that afflicts only them.

Cat Breed Description: Domesitc Shorthair cats are regular cats that you and I come across every single day. You may see slight variations here and there among size, shape, and weight, but in general, these guys are house cats. They've got round heads, medium width and length tails, and typical round paws. Remember though, just because this type of cat is considered the "mutt" and so many of them are so similar looking, it doesn't mean that each one isn't special in its own way. Domestic Shorthaired cats and kittens can have very unique personalities and characteristics. You never really do know what you're going to get when you acquire one of these cats. Except if you get an orange one. The orange ones are all the same. They're very cool.

History of the Cat Breed: A Domestic Shorthair (or DSH) cat isn't comprised of just one breed. It's actually a name given to many breeds and mixtures of breeds that make up one of the largest groups of cats in the world. As mentioned above, the DSH is the common house cat. This type of cat would be considered the mutt of all cat breeds in that it's been mixed and matched with random breeds since its inception. Although this type of cat doesn't have a clear and distinct origination or lineage, it certainly does offer a rich history. It's said that the Domestic Shorthair cat was originally domesticated way back around 2000 B.C. in ancient Egypt. It wasn't until the Pilgrims made their way to the North America that they were introduced to the continent. These cats were used on boats crossing the Atlantic as rat control. These days, this type of cat is one of the most common household pets. It's available for adoption in almost every animal shelter in the United States and can be easily bought, sold, and adopted through websites like this one.

Cat Traits, Temperament, and Personality: When it comes to Domestic Shorthairs, what you'll get in terms of temperament and personality is a mixed bag. After adopting or rescuing one of these little guys, you may find yourself with a cat that hides under the couch all day. You may also, and just as easily, find yourself with a cat that likes to roll around on your lap. It's really the luck of the draw. One thing these cats generally have in common though is that they loves to hunt and chase things, even if they live 100% of the time indoors. That's why it's important to supply this breed with toys and playtime daily. While the DSH loves to sleep, it also loves to play. Because of the excessive sleeping these cats enjoy, it's important to keep them exercised and fed a well balanced diet. They are prone to obesity, so that's a concern.

Health and Grooming: The Domestic Shorthair cat is a self groomer, but you can help it out by giving it a good brushing at least once per week. Like many cats, this one is prone to hairballs, so removing some of its excess hair is a good thing. Also, by brushing, you'll drastically reduce shedding, so you'll have less fur to clean up around the house.
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