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Way back in 2004, an idea was born. The idea was to start a small classifieds website that would cater to animal lovers all over America. I remember sitting in the living room of a small lake house I was renting. I wanted to help local animal shelters advertise their homeless cats and dogs. I wanted everyone to be happy and for all those cats and dogs to find families that loved them. Because of this desire, I went online and found some nice classifieds software and went to work. I set this website up and over the next few days, I spread the word somewhat and because of my word-of-mouth efforts, someone registered and posted their (and my) first ad. I was so excited. The ad was for a cat for adoption down in Florida. A woman who managed a large cat rescue posted that first ad and then some additional ads afterwards. Oddly enough, more ads began rolling in over the days that followed and really, the site just took off after that. While I had initially wanted to target only animal rescues and shelters, I began receiving requests to allow individuals and breeders to join in on the fun. Since I bought my favorite dog in the world (a Golden Retriever) from a very small and private breeder in Connecticut, I didn't have justification for not allowing this type of pet enthusiast in and from that point on, shelters, breeders and pet loving hobbyists have been enjoying this website, day in and day out.

Over the years, we've grown this website from a very small operation to one of the most popular pet classifieds websites on the planet. This website receives thousands and thousands of visitors daily. We constantly refine pages and categories to better serve our visitors. We get rid of what doesn't work and do more of what does. The bottom line is this; we're a venue for sellers and non-profits to advertise their pets to the masses and for people who are looking for pets to find them. It's that simple. That's the entire model of what we have going on here.

Currently, we allow members to post ads for dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, birds, fish, ferrets, rabbits and so much more. Our service is free to use, but we do offer some paid upgrade options for those who are interested. We also allow you to post as many ads as you'd like, within reason. If we see our website being abused, we'll put a stop to it, but if the ads a member is posting are legitimate and would be of interest to those who are searching for their next best friend, we're more than happy to help out in any way we can.

Currently, we allow each member to post four photos with each of their pet advertisements. We also allow embedded images and videos, so be sure to learn how those features work. When someone posts an ad, it sits in an area waiting for administrator approval. Once we approve it (trying our best to make sure it's not fraudulent), the ad goes live on our website for everyone to see. This entire process doesn't take long at all. After a few ads are posted, we'll also randomly share individual listings on our Facebook page. This is just an added benefit for our members that may add to their exposure.

We hope you enjoy our website. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send us an email.


Ours is one of the most prominent free classifieds marketplace networks available. Since 2004, we've catered to millions upon millions of loyal visitors to and members of our sites. We target the individual seller as well as the dealer who has many products or services to offer. Our goal is to bring buyer and seller together for an honest and even exchange. Our brands include PetClassifieds.US, MotoClassifieds.US, BoatClassifieds.US, CycleClassifieds.US and WebClassifieds.US. Combined, our websites reach hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and that number is growing. We are located in Maine, USA.
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