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Apr 11, 2019
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Are you a writer? Have people ever told you that you write very well? This may be your chance to put your talents to good use. We've been toying with the idea of expanding our website into the realm of pet news and interesting pet related articles for some time. Our only issue is that we've very busy people. To sit down and write the kind of quality articles we're looking for takes a lot of time. Time that's scarce these days.

So, we're looking for help. We'd like to locate a few energetic and interested individuals to assist us with bringing what we'd like to share to the masses. As you may have already guessed, we've got a huge audience. What you submit to us for approval may just get your name out there in the industry. It'll be like a trade; we'll supply the audience of thousands and thousands of visitors every single day and you'll write to your heart's content and become much more well known out there on the internet. Use it to build your resume. Use it for bragging rights. Use it for whatever you want. This kind of opportunity doesn't come around very often. Trying to locate quality publications that actually answer your emails is like finding a needle in a haystack. It's almost like you need to be part of an elite club to make a name for yourself these days. Well, we hope to change that. If you're a writer, please contact us. Tell us about yourself.

If you'd like us to consider you as a contributing writer for PetClassifieds.US, we suggest you have a very strong background in writing about pets. You should love animals. You should have extensive experience with animals. Are you a vet tech? A pet sitter? A dog walker? Do you have expertise in a specific area that you'd like to discuss? These are the types of things we look for when considering someone to write for us.

You should also have a talent for sharing your personal viewpoint with others. You should be well versed in persuasion. Not that you'll be doing much persuading, but that's a marvelous skill to have. We'd also prefer it if you have a knack for explaining your subject to beginners and experts alike. If you could get an expert in the field of pet care to nod in agreement when reading one of your articles, then you're doing something right and we'd love to talk to you. The whole goal is to have someone read what you've written and then to bookmark that page for later on to show their friends, share on social media or to reread. It's that simple.

Does this sound appealing to you? If so, please send us an email that includes the following information:

- Pass along some sources of what you've already written on the web. You'll need to lead us directly to the source of these articles. We suggest approximately three URLs that we can visit to see what kind of writing you're capable of.

- What kinds of ideas do you have for our website? Have you already thought of something? Share with us your preferred interest area and your style of writing. Do you have a writing structure you like that will help you succeed with something like this? Let us know. By the way, English major interns and creative writing majors would be perfect for this sort of opportunity.

- Have you already whipped something up? If you've got a rough draft of an article you'd like to submit, you need to send that over ASAP. We'd love to give it a once over to see if it would integrate nicely with our site.


Okay, now onto a few more specifics. As you may have already guessed, we're going to be quite selective with this process. At a minimum, your articles should be at least 3000 words. We're not only looking for entertainment value, we're also looking for depth and expert knowledge. Your writing should also be written at the 8th grade reading level and not exceed the 11th grade reading level. While we know this is a lot to ask, it virtually guarantees that we won't have to wade through the tons and tons of requests for article submission that we're sure to receive from all over the world. Trust us when we say this, we get lots of strange requests from all types of people who aren't anywhere near what we're looking for.

Again, please let us know if you're interested in contributing a guest post to PetClassifieds.US. We'd love to hear from you!
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