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As you may already be aware, pets are a very hot topic on Facebook. Every single day of my life I see cats that are jumping around and chasing one another, dogs and puppies that are playing and doing the funniest things and just about everything else you can imagine. These types of posts have got to be the most shared ever. EVERYBODY loves seeing pet posts. That's why we love our website so much. We offer lots of action in that regard. With this in mind, a while ago, we created a Facebook page for this website. If you wouldn't mind, please stop by to "Like" it and if you wouldn't mind again, please share it with your friends. The more popular this website is, the more popular your posts on it are. Here's the link to the page:

PetClassifieds.US Facebook Page

We hope you like it. We post random ads from this website there and we also share the cutest and most entertaining posts from other Facebook pages as well.

Thanks ahead of time!

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