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American Eskimo/Alaskan Shepard Miniature
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Hello everyone,

I am looking to sell Sheila, my 4.5 year old miniature, for $500. She has had all of her shots, is potty trained, and understands several commands. She’s friendly around people and other animals although she sometimes may be scared around very large dogs. As a miniature she won’t grow any larger than the 16.7 pounds she currently is. She only barks when people knock at the door and if she sees someone too close to the house. Sheila is very sociable and loves to be around people; does not like to be alone. She does not bite and isn’t aggressive, but she will “play-bite” if you play keep-away with her toys. She understands she’s playing and doesn’t try to hurt anyone.

Reasons for selling:
My family and I decided it would be best for Sheila to be with loving owners who can spend more time with her than we are able. We have truly enjoyed her affection and company but she deserves a family who can play with her more frequently, has room for her to run around outside, and can provide more trips to the groomers (she is very fluffy and sheds the most during the warmer months).

Learned commands:
Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Roll over (while tapping or patting the floor), Stand up, Shake (while holding hand toward her paw), Kiss, Go to your cage.

Things she loves:
Attention, belly rubs, leg scratches, fetch, chasing and being chased, eating ice cubes. Favorite food is kibbles and bits. She loves a variety of treats.

Things she dislikes:
Large dogs, being alone, fire alarms.

Medical history:
Sheila has had all of her shots, she has a sensitive stomach so we do not feed her human food. If she drinks too fast she will sometimes throw up a little water (especially when over exerted like running around outside right before drinking). She was attacked by 2 pit bulls, one of them tearing a 5 inch hole in her belly (now completely healed) which has led to her fear of large dogs or dogs that look like pit bulls.

Conditions for purchase:
I am willing to drive up to an hour away, transaction must take place in public area, cash only.


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