2 Female Ferrets for Sale in Columbus, Ohio


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Ohio - OH
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2 Female Ferrets are more than you could ever need.

Adorable fun loving sisters that are in need of a new home where they can get the attention they deserve. We love them dearly and have spoiled them rotten and even trained them. The problem is that we can’t let them out as much as we would like to because our other animals like to chase them around and scare them 😞. They are 1 years old. They kiss you and and love to play. They come with a three story condo, hammocks and tunnels, a ball pit, octopus 🐙 tent and tunnel play set, 2 litter pans, a small carrier for travel, a back pack to wear for hikes, walk etc. leashes and collars.... and MORE!
I'm asking a firm $400 because I have spent over $1000 on all of this including them. And I want to be sure they go to someone whom understands their value and the commitment it takes to care for them.


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Rob Cromwell

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I am very interested in adopting the two ferrets I would love to give them a great home, I just have a few questions about them. Are they still available?


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hello I’m wondering if these ferrets are still available, I have been looking for ferrets as a pair everywhere but nobody is getting back to me, I’ve had ferrets before so I know how to handle them, my birthday is coming up in 3 days and ferrets are gonna be my gift if I find any, thank you
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