Two Female Ferrets for Sale in White Lake, Michigan

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White Lake
Michigan - MI
Looking to rehome two female ferrets approximately 3 years old. They come with a play pen, and cage. Must go together.

I took them in for a friend on a temporary basis but she can no longer care for them and I can not keep them on a long term basis.


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I am interested! I am a previous ferret owner. Are they healthy? Any issues I should be aware of? Are they fixed and up to date on vaccinations?
Please keep in mind I took them in for a friend assuming they would go back to her and her situation changed causing them to be left to me. From my understanding they only went to a vet twice in the first year she had them. Not up to date on vaccines or fixed.

They are healthy. No issues I am aware of. The only issue I've experience since helping my friend is that they are not litter trained. I had moderate success in moving them the right direction with that. They are bonded and very friendly.

Price includes the playpen in the photo, cage, and everything else I have for them.
Having had ferrets in the past, I am aware of the challenges of litter training. However, are you still in contact with your friend that you could ask a question? Depending on where she got them and how old they were at that time, they may have already been spayed when your friend purchased them.
Excellent! I look forward to caring for those 2 cute fur balls. I understand the price is for both ferrets, cage & accessories. Hopefully you have some food for their transition. It doesn’t need to be a lot. How soon would you like to arrange for their transfer?


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