2 Loving Female Ferrets for Sale in Illinois

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Illinois - IL
Hello! I am selling my two female ferrets: Darker females name is Layla and the light female is Harley.
Layla is three years old and Harley is two.
These are Marshall ferrets.
They are both litter box trained, very welcome behaved, and love to roam around the house. They will not try and escape your house or chew on wires, or go places they aren’t supposed to when out of their cage.
They both eat Marshall ferret food and have both been on it since they were babies. I would prefer they say on that food if possible since they have been eating it a big part of their life.
They come with: two story rolling cage (bought the cage brand new this year) also comes with pre-cut fitted carpet for the bottoms, two litter boxes, 3 food bowls (one hanging and two regular bowls), a water bottle, two hanging beds, and blankets, food container and scoop

Reason I’m getting rid of them: I have recently moved into a rental that does not allow “exotic animals” and they were on the list. Hate to get rid of them due to how nice and caring they are, but also with my new job I just don’t have the time they deserve and I know someone out there definitely has the time to love them to their full potential.

Feel free to message me if interested!


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