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we have 3 left siamese kittens 2 female and 1male born on July 17, 2019 they are blue point and lynx point cross the mother is blue point and the...
    ben defries
Siamese cats are fascinating animals. They've been captivating people before and after they were first expored from Thailand. This was back in the 1800s, but even then, cat owners and enthusiasts knew something special when they saw it. Siamese are a sight to behold with their sleek bodies and their stunning blue eyes. This breed oozes power and importance wtih their chiseled heads and smooth and silky coats. It doesn't stop with the exterior of these cats either. They happen to be extremely smart, curious, very loving, and highly companionable.

If you've even owned a Siamese or knew someone who did, you are most likely aware of how friendly and people-oriented these animals truly are. They'll keep you company while sitting on your lap, sleeping in bed with you, or hanging around the dinner table. The Siamese enjoys spending time around humans and it'll tell you that in no uncertain terms. Being the ancient breed this is, it's had plenty of time to hone its communication skills, which it does with its entire body as well as its mouth, by the way.

Thailand used to be called "Siam," which is most likely where the Siamese got its name. Some believe that the modern day cat we all love so much is actually an offspring of the very old temple cats from ancient Siam. This cat was introduced to the west back in the late 1800s when they were given as gifts to highly placed political leaders in both the United States and Great Britain. Once this happened, others began admiring the beauty of this breed and began breeding, collecting, and showing them. They spread like wildfire across Europe and Asia and have been favorites ever since.