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Kitten was born on 11/30/2019 and will be ready to go home at the end of March. He is very...
Gainesville · Florida - FL ·
Kitten was born on 11/30/2019 and she will be ready to go home at the end of March. She is very...
Gainesville · Florida - FL ·
Black Brown Tabby Male Devon Rex Kitten Available. Kitten was born on 11/30/2019 and will be...
Gainesville · Florida - FL ·
My name is Linn, and I'm looking to find a great home for Gizmo. I'll be moving in December and...
New York City (NYC) · New York - NY ·
Devon Rex cats have got a very distinct look. They've got large eyes, a short snout, high cheeks, and very large ears that make them look somewhat like elves. This particular breed of cat isn't too large or small - it's just of a medium build. As far as fur goes, the Devon Rex has got soft and wavy hair that's somewhat textured. The waviness is also unique to this breed due to genetics.

The Devon Rex has been described as a cross between a dog, cat, and monkey. Let's just say it's a unique and silly breed of cat. It's easy-going, chilled out, yet social with humans and other animals in the home. Devons are so much fun to have around. From their antics and curiosity to their playfulness, these guys want to know what's going on at all times, everywhere. And because of their wonderful playful attitudes, the Devon Rex oftentimes wants to learn how to do new tricks or to simply play with its humans.

If you had to compare this cat with one type of animal, it might be a needy dog. Devon owners describe their cats as hanging around quite a bit. They say these cats are actually quite possessive. Devon owners say that its not actually them who own the cats, but the other way around. This breed will enjoy dinner with you, sleep on your bed with you, and even hang out on your lap while you're typing away at the computer. They seem to be there all the time. Whether it be in the form of following you around the house to playing with the kids non-stop, the Devon Rex is one cat you can't seem to get away from.

The Devon Rex never seems to age. Their bodies will certainly age, but their minds won't. Their kitten-like personalities will guide them right into your bed to snuggle with you, even under the covers. They'll bask in the joy of you holding them in your arms while rubbing their bellies. It's not difficult to connect on a deep level with this breed of cat.

If you do decide to purchase or adopt this type of cat, be sure to have companionship available to them at all times. It can be you or another person or even another household pet. No matter who's in the vicinity, this cat will cling to them closely. Don't leave them alone though. The cat won't be very happy about that.

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