Gizmo the Devon Rex is Looking for a New Home



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My name is Linn, and I'm looking to find a great home for Gizmo. I'll be moving in December and unfortunately Gizmo cannot go with me. I'm looking to sell him to a compassionate owner for $500. I am currently located in Queens NYC.

I have all his original paperwork.

He was born July 17th, 2017 and was acquired from a breeder.

His diet requires that he only eats Earth Farm Whole Grain hard and soft food.

Gizmo is up to date with his vaccinations. He was neutered at the ASPCA on 4/27/19 and given additional vaccines. However from time to time he still sprays, and a spraying repellent would work best to prevent it in the future. He has only been vaccinated for indoors, and has been inside his entire life.

Personality: Gizmo is very active, and extremely affectionate. Because he loves to run and play he is best kept in a home not an apartment. The more people in the home the merrier.


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I believe I met Gizmo tonight at Animal Haven in NYC. Can you tell me more about him and the breeder he came from. I have had four Devon’s over the last 20 years and recently lost one to old age and I am considering adopting Gizmo to be a pal for my remaining Devon, Louise that I have. Do you know how he is with other cats? I am sorry you had to give him up.

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