Caucasian Shepherds/Ovcharka Puppies - For Sale

Caucasian Shepherds/ Ovcharka Livestock Guardians & Farm protection.
They are Excellent Guard dogs.We recommend you have a farm or acreage or Livestock or a large fenced yard!
Puppies are Sold with 2 training sessions with a trainer, Vaccinated, Wormed, micro chipped, had their front dewclaws removed.
They very smart, obedient, fast learner, Athletic, great with kids and sweet. https://reddawncauca
We have a farm in Spirit Lake, Idaho where we raise miniature pigs. We use Our Caucasian shepherds to guard our mini pigs from Bobcats, coyotes,wolves and from Strangers.
*We found them to be Excellent Livestock Guardians & Guard dogs for Our Farm.* B3vSgz1E
We raise the puppies on our farm with pigs, chickens, cats, dogs and our children. We consider them to be family so we play with the puppies Daily..We have a one or two litters of puppies each year. We are not a Kennel. Our goal is to breed Quality, well socialized puppies. Please visit our Website for lots more information and Details.
***************https ://reddawncaucasians******** ******

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