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Wired Hair Dachshund/Chihuahua Mix
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April 1, 2017
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I have two wonderful I would like to give away. The first is a male brown wired hair dachshund mix about 3 years old named Regnal. He was left with me April 2019 by my former roommate who could not take him. Reggie is super friend to people but can be shy toward other dogs. He loves playing with older kids and loves all of the attention he can get out of you. He's a chewer but pretty smart so I give him the chew toys that you can insert treats into them. Reggie is not fixed, nor chipped, and is due for his annual shots soon.
The second do is a black and white Chihuahua mix names Houston. This girl is crazy friendly to pretty all types of dogs but she tends to chase cat and birds away. My brother left her by me last year because where he lives at he cannot have pets. The biggest thing with Houston is she would rather spend most of her time outside and if your yard it not fenced she will wonder off. Houston has been fixed, she is chipped and will soon be up for her annual shots.
Both dogs must be placed together and comes with their supplies including bath supplies, treats and food, clothing, a cage, and doggie beds/ pillows.

Note: I am currently due to have my first child in a few weeks and I honestly just do not want the responsibility of caring for two dogs and a new born. My brother is okay with me giving away his dog and has no problem handing over the paperwork.
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