Two Amazing Male Sugar Gliders - $600 Pair/Cage/Accessories! Over 1K Value New York 

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Sugar Gliders
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October 1, 2019
$600 for everything! Invested over 1k
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Unfortunately I have to sell our sugar gliders because of “lack of time spent with them!” We got them as a Christmas gift for my daughter who has a “HECTIC SCHEDULE “ and this was not my idea and I was really coerced with this one because I was scared of this happening! They are amazing little guys!! They need more human contact and bonding then we are able to give with our hectic schedules! Their names are Phoenix and Gizmo and they are about 6 months old approximately! Not neutered. They live like kings besides the playtime and bonding due to schedules and school, theater and more! They love their fruits , veggies and HPW . I paid 350 each for them from a breeder in Lindenhurst and 200 for cage , plus all accessories - food and water bowls , wheel to trim nails all purchased separately. Toys & also a bonding pouch that zips to take them with you! They love to go to five below!! Also other pouches they lay in in cage- (Have 2 of them!) With everything I paid a little over 1k and I’m asking 600 for all - I’m slightly negotiable and they are good pets , high maintenance as far as feeding them lol but once they bond with you they are amazing & show offs! Lol We just don’t have that bonding time they need and I feel awful!!! If interested let me know you can email me! They watch to see your watching them do their tricks ! ❤Here is a few pics of them and cage! Phoenix is white one and Gizmo is the dark one! Cage is in pics and everything is included!!

Born around October - were purchased from local breeder for Christmas gift for my daughter 😢


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