Spayed Female & Neutered Male (Can Go Separately)


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Zeke will be 1yrs old next month. He is neutered. House Trained, knows all basic commands and very much so a people pleaser. He gets along with cats,dogs, and people of all ages. He’s a very energetic pup. He also loves to snuggle.
((Has a lot of white ))
Maggie is 4yrs old and spayed. She is house trained, she also knows sit stay and down. She is a very intelligent dog and can learn most commands in a few hours. She would do best at a place where she can be the other animal. She does good with dogs but think she would thrive in a home where she can get the full attention. She does have a high prey drive and will chase cats. She absolutely loves to cuddle. She did come from an extremely abusive household ((from when she was a puppy)) so she does have some food aggression and does need to be fed separate from the other dogs ((which is why she would do best without other animals)) she does also get territorial over her doggy toys. She does have a “scary” voice but she is the sweetest dog and would never hurt someone.
((Mostly brindle color with white on chest))
Both will come with their collars, leashes, and some dog food to help switch them to a new food if you so choose.

Unfortunately their owner had left for Texas and left me with the task of finding them a home and I would keep both but I unfortunately can’t. Please text me at 6129618416


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