4.5 lb Female Long Haired Chihuahua, 6.5 Years Old, Spayed, Pee Pad Trained

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Long-Haired Chihuahua 4.5 lbs
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September 8, 2013
Texas - TX
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I am looking for a new home for my Long Haired chihuahua. Her name is Lily, she’s 6.5 years old, spayed and has no health problems. She is approximately 4.5 lbs. She is up to date on her shots. I unfortunately am not home very often and would like her to go to a home where someone is home more and or with another small animal. I think she may be lonely here.
She is pee pad trained but will also use the bathroom when taken outside.
She’s very sweet but a little timid around large groups of people, but she will sit on your lap during gatherings. She’s well behaved (she does bark as do most chihuahuas but it’s not all day long, mostly at other dogs and people at the door, etc). She loves to play chase. She only eats 1/4 cup of food a day, cheap to feed. She does well in the car and walks well on a leash.
Included with Lily:
Food & water bowls
Leash & harness
Pet carrier (airline approved)
A few doses of comfortis and heartguard
Washable pee pads (saves a lot of money)
Large supply of poop bags
Some food & scoop
A few clothing articles
Collar (but I never put it on her really)

Very sweet. Loves to cuddle and give kisses and likes to sleep in the bed (but sometimes she opts not too).
Pee pad trained
Easy to travel with, does not get sick
Healthy, no pre exisiting conditions
Pure bred (breeder papers included as well as vet records)
Has shots
Fairly low maintenance
easy to bathe
Not essential to walk her regularly although she does like walks.
Chihuahuas live a pretty long time!

She does tend to get attached to one person but you can give her to other people to hold.
She will probably be a little timid and shy at first but I think she will warm up after that.
She likes to chase other dogs but if there was another small to medium dog or cat in the house she would get used to them and probably enjoy the company.
She is afraid of kids. Teenagers are probably ok but smaller children she may chase after.
Sometimes she gets nervous but it’s not too often.
Sometimes barks at other dogs while on a walk but very easy to keep walking her along since she’s so small.

I really want her to go to a loving safe home as she is my baby. I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old.


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I would love to have her, I have a two year old Pom and she need a playmate. Please contact me @ 9198532816 my name is Robbie, I am in love with her already.


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I am a retired teacher so I have lots of time to spoil her,. Robbie
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