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Apr 11, 2019
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Online classifieds get hit a lot with scammers. These people are rather unscrupulous and love to take your money and run away into the darkness. We battle them on a daily basis and ban them from our website when we see them. The software we're currently running has very strong security features, so we're able to stop many scammers before they ever make it in the public areas. Sometimes they do slip by though and we'll catch them later on. Either way, we're exceptionally vigilant when it comes to dishonest people here and we do our best to keep this website as clean as possible.

Since we've been running our classifieds sites for years and since we've been contending with those who wish to take your money in a dishonest fashion for so long, we thought it would be a good idea to list the classifieds scammer names, email addresses and IP addresses publicly for everyone to see. If you are contacted by one of the folks we list below, you should stop all contact with them immediately and don't respond to any requests they make. Also, if you have scammer information you'd like to share, please do so as a reply to this post down below. The more we share these types of details and this type of information, the better off we'll all be.

UPDATE: Apparently, scammers have found a new way to operate. Here's an example of what they are now doing:

Jim: I have a puppy for sale. Please contact me for more information.

Sally: Hi, I'm interested in your puppy. Do you ship?

Mark (Scammer): Yes, we do ship. Please call this number 555-555-5555 to coordinate shipment.

Do you see what the scammer did there? They replied to someone else's post in an effort to make the person who is interested in the puppy think it was the scammer's. In the example above, Mark obviously has no business replying to this particular post and he is attempting to trick Sally into making a fraudulent deal, where she'll lose her money.

When replying to posts and reading through any reply that's sent to you, please return to the original post to match up the usernames of the person who placed the original listing and anyone who responds to your query.

PS - This will be a rolling post, meaning, we'll update it as we receive new information.


robbins20, [email protected],
brainstock, [email protected],, 240-341-1554
sammiasjimias, sammiasjimia[email protected],, 501-819-3807
Flora, [email protected],
dannerobert21, [email protected],
cottonjames15, [email protected],
rochamorgan894, [email protected],
frenchbulldogdog breed, [email protected],
AnthonyD, [email protected],
Princeraymond, [email protected],
Pelcas, [email protected],
Hardy, [email protected],
bakers12, [email protected],
James Patrick, [email protected],
jacksynben, [email protected],, 339-970-9126
mawdstor79, [email protected],
michelmoore, [email protected],
wealth, [email protected],, 610-400-8007
Melli, [email protected],
Pet service, [email protected],
littie1am, [email protected],
Marti89, [email protected],, ‪567-200-2513‬
rene, [email protected],
donald_johnson, [email protected],
Austine mike, [email protected],
alessandro, [email protected],
kymalane24, [email protected],
dominicbleck, [email protected], [email protected],, 872-256-0564
jannet000, [email protected],
yorkies4rehome, [email protected],
kennethpeter, [email protected],
karenj1450, [email protected],
flashin, [email protected],
kb009, [email protected],
williamslucy7044, [email protected],
Walters03, [email protected],
thomossimmy, [email protected],
Stephanie Lara, [email protected],
Leblanc, [email protected],
Kimnberly, [email protected],
Kamwrocky, [email protected],
JayPets, [email protected],
James01, [email protected],
fredj123, [email protected],
Christopher, [email protected],
musapekessa, [email protected] & [email protected],, (720) 507-8589
fawah, [email protected],
geradinekamga, [email protected],
james winster, [email protected],
jesline, [email protected],
Berman, [email protected] ,
Bertley Smith, [email protected],
Brenmain223, [email protected],
celinemiriam, [email protected],
Ciara, [email protected],
Dani, [email protected],
Donald77, [email protected],
eladjuniorskale, [email protected],
Jefferson500, [email protected],
jessejames, [email protected],
jessicamehendes, [email protected],
Johnson Ali, [email protected],
jones, [email protected],
liliolivia, [email protected],
macawparroteggsforsale, [email protected],
morgan23, [email protected],
Rolland, [email protected],
smith wesley, [email protected],
Stephanie Carine, [email protected],
bizzy, [email protected],
brendasongs, [email protected]com,
ceserjones, [email protected],
Edwin Jones, [email protected],
frankly, [email protected],
graigj, [email protected],
kinngkup, [email protected],
Larry007, [email protected],
nadine1000, [email protected],
natwds2000, [email protected],
nchinda, [email protected],
sharonlaura, [email protected],
Yongze, [email protected],
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