Quaker Parrot Babies & Adult Pairs For Sale

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Quaker Parrot
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I’m selling hand-fed Quaker babies ages 3 weeks-5 weeks in various colors. Not weaned, but oldest is gumming and I have their hatch dates. If you’re unsure on how to feed a baby Quaker, I will happily show you how to.

Normal (Dark Green) : $100
Light Green : $125
Blue : $150
Normal Pair : $100 (Tame, but Mother is cage aggressive and nippy)
Light Green/Blue Pair : $150 (Will step up onto stick but not tame)
*The Adult Pairs came to me as Adults and as “donations”. I don’t know their hatch dates, but they’re all banded except for the Normal Green mother. They’re healthy, and they have blessed me with beautiful babies each year. If you want to buy all of the Adults, I’ll sell them to you for $200.

Note: I am selling these birds due to a legal custody battle over me. I soon have to move to live with my brother in Texas, and I sadly can’t bring my feathery friends with me. Please take good care of them.

{Adults} (I just took these photos and they had baths, so they look wet in these photos.)

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