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Doberman Pincher
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I have a fully trained Doberman Pincher. He is great with kids, loves to play and has a ton of energy. Unfortunately with my work schedule and traveling it is very difficult for me to give him the time and attention he deserves. And with the Pandemic its been very difficult to find someone to watch him. He is fully trained, he even goes to his own designated bathroom area on command. People never believe me until I show them. He is a super smart dog. He can follow your daily routine without you having to train him. At least that is how it was for me. He knew when I would be going to work so he would go to his designated area. He will not let anything near your home as he is very protective of kids and home. He doesn't allow strangers to come into home without making sure its okay with owner. He is super strong and can pull you at high speeds on your bike if you allow him to. But gentle enough where my kids can walk him while all the neighbors are shaking from his intimidating looks. His ears were laser cut by great doctors in Downtown Chicago. He was trained by a professional Doberman Trainer for 3 weeks. He cost me about $5,000 which included his ears, all his original vaccinations, his 3 weeks of professional training, and obviously from purchasing him from a Breeder. He has all his vaccines, and his Rabies shots were done last year I believe and they are good for 3 Years. He loves to play all the time and that is where I feel guilty, I don't give him the attention he deserves. If you want a fully trained dog with nothing to do but show him where to go. He is a perfect fit. And he loves rawhides which is great for keeping his teeth healthy.


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Is he still available?


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I am in Virginia. Have been looking for older Doberman. He’s a little older than I wanted as their lifespan is only 10 to maybe 12 yrs. I am experienced Doberman owner. My little dog died and I live alone. I’ve had 4 Dobermans in my lifetime. All lived to old age. Inhale a 7 yr old grandson and elderly cat. Most adoptable dogs are not good with children or cats or both. Dog would have a good home. I’m just concerned about the amount of time he has been with you. This is hard when an animal is attached family. Thank you. Susan


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Is he still available?
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