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I’m currently looking for good homes for my beautiful baby boys, we’ve recently became pregnant and can’t afford to take care of them anymore it breaks my heart but I want them to have the best lives! George 4 (black and white) is a very good boy he talks a little bit but mostly likes to lounge in the window or on your pile of laundry you haven’t folded yet lol, Simba 5 (orange tiger) this is my whole heart he is a very scared boy and likes to hide most of his life, the first couple of weeks you will probably not see him since he will hide in every hiding spot you never knew you had in your home but once he comes around he is the most cuddliest sweetest boy ever! Ziyah 1 1/2 (black) he is a very aggressively playful boy he needs to have a buddy that is also very playful and a ton of toys, he is super vocal and will talk back to you all the time but he is a very good boy!