Mini Golden Doodle Puppy for Sale in Las Vegas, Nevada


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Mini Golden Doodle
Las Vegas
She is a Mini Golden Doodle; Her father was a Toy Poodle and her mother is a Golden Retriever

We brought her home because I was going to be working from home more often while my wife was gone during the day but my work travel is only increasing which is resulting in her being by herself a lot at home, so we really want to find her a home where she will get proper attention and care. She’s really the perfect puppy, which is why this is so tough for us because we know we’ll never have another dog like this if and when the timing is better for us. We spent over $4,000 to bring her home and although I thought it was a bit pricey at the time, she's now proven to be the steal of our life. We are so sad that we have to let her go, but we have to because it's not fair for her to be by herself all day so we would really love to find her a family that can spend time with her as she's growing, at last the first few months.

-Born November 8, 2019
-House trained (she only goes potty on her 'porch potty' outside or on her pads inside)
-Has all but last round of shots which are due next week
-Crate trained
-For an additional $500 (we spent over $1,000), you can have all of her belongings (diaper bin, porch potty, pads, play pen, crate, doggy gate, accessories, toys, food, treats, mini stairs for her to climb onto couch or bed, poop bags, etc.)
-Remarkably well-behaved and smart - Picks up new commands and tricks very easily
-She is incredibly friendly, loves people and kids
-Never whines in her crate

Fully trained on her commands:
-Lay Down
-Go To Bed
-Go Potty

Even knows the following tricks:
Bang Bang
Roll Over
Patty Cake

...Please feel free to text or email for additional photos/videos of tricks and commands


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