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Thank you for your inquiry about our Labradoodle puppies!!
There are currently three babies available at $1,500 each.
Dad is a very handsome black Labrador Retriever and mom is a Beautiful black Standard Poodle. They are here, on site.
They are currently almost 5 weeks old and will be ready for new homes right after March 1st, having had their first shots, vet checks, micro-chips.
"The Labradoodle is an intelligent, attractive and loving dog that has become very popular with people of all ages. Owning one is a rewarding experience for many years.
The Labradoodle is a crossbreed dog, created by mixing the Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle with the intent to have an intelligent but hypoallergenic guide dog with excellent temperament. The result was an affectionate, low-shed coated dog with the Poodle’s intelligence and the Labrador Retriever’s sociable and love-of-people personality. Labradoodles are average-size dogs that, with proper socialization and training, make excellent family pets, watchdogs or all-around companion dogs. The qualities that make Labradoodles such wonderful pets include:

Mellow temperament – You’re bound to notice their easy-going and fun-natured spirit, handed down from their Labrador side.
Intelligent – A result of being bred from two extremely intelligent breeds; the Poodle and Labrador Retriever
Loyal – Carrying a deep connection with their owner and family unit
Easy-to-train – A combination of their high level of intelligence and their desire to please their people
Playful – Always up for a game of chase, fetch, or even a swim

Easy-to-maintain – With good grooming, diet, and exercise routines, they are a pretty easy breed to care for.
Known for their intelligence, calm temperament, affection, extroversion, and elegant gait, the Labradoodle is a fantastic home dog. In fact, the Labradoodle personality is so affectionate and sociable, that they often need to be trained to mitigate their abrasive excitement for life.
Due to their intelligence, they process information rapidly, and are often quick-witted canines. They enjoy playing with a passion, but are often not pushy and their keenness and intuition allows them to judge when it is play time and when it is not. Early-socialization, heredity, and the amount of training administered affect the extent of extroverted Labradoodle behavior.
It is important that with these dogs they are introduced to the world, other people, and canines early on. This not because they can develop introverted, timid, or reclusive personality traits. Rather, it is to create boundaries within their own tenacious affection and prevent Labradoodle temperament problems. They are by in large the perfect choice for a first-time dog owner, a family, and a guide dog.
Training a Labradoodle
Training a Labradoodle is an easier task than most dogs. Their eager-to-please personalities and intelligence make them both attentive and dexterous in learning. Their overt friendliness, intuition, and slight sensitivity mean they respond best to positive reinforcement. Praise for good Labradoodle behavior in the form of treats, words, and playfulness work best when training a Labradoodle.
Despite being home dogs, the Labradoodle will need excessive exercise—particularly in the puppy ages—to meet their high threshold of energy. One of the most important parts of training a Labradoodle is exposing them to other dogs early on. They’re social to the extent that they will throw themselves headfirst at other canines, without any regard to the stranger’s feelings. This inability to discern between appropriate and inappropriate canine interaction will become a problem if not treated early on.
Their intelligence needs to be stimulated and manifested. Don’t limit the training process but instead reach above and beyond. This means teaching tricks, games, and a slew of commands to keep them engaged. A lack of mental and physical situation will result in a tireless Labradoodle. A tireless Labradoodle tears the home apart and develops high levels of nervousness and anxiety.
A Labradoodle should be potty trained and ALWAYS be housed indoors. These are people dogs. They long for the comfort of their owners and a home.
A Labradoodle requires 30-60 minutes of exercise per day. These dogs have a surplus of energy. They’ll need an outlet to release it. Their need for activity and large size make them a perfect fit for a house with a yard, but not an apartment. They’re great walking companions and will keep up in a run. As with most breeds, their need of exercise will dwindle over time.
A puppy Labradoodle, dependent on its heredity, will either be a bit more stagnant, or a bit more jumpy. Meaning it’s a tossup whether or not a Labradoodle will be highly active, or moderately active. They’re also natural swimmers. Put them in water and watch them shine with glee.
When exercising, incorporate games and ‘educational playtime’ to not only exercise their bodies but their intelligence as well.
Labradoodles are exceptional with children. Their exuberant energy, eager-to-please attitude, and playfulness make them the perfect child’s companion. In their puppy years, dependent on their size, they can often lack spatial awareness and play ‘too hard,’ thus knocking over smaller children. But due to their keen ability to learn, with proper training it shouldn’t be a problem.
As with all dogs, it is important to train the dog all the while teaching the children what’s involved in handling them. A mutual respect and understanding needs to be developed.
These dogs offer a unique blend of the best characteristics of both breeds. However, while some dog owners may consider this breed to be the perfect addition to their home, it's important to do your research to determine if the Labradoodle is right for you."


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