Kittens 8 Week Old Bombay/Balinese Mix


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Bombay/Balinese Mix
Date Born
July 20, 2020
California - CA
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Offering for adoption fee of $500 Bombay/Balinese Cross this is to ensure they are obtained by a quality owner. Vet check Shots and worming record included. Hypoallergenic due to lack of irritating enzyme often found in cat saliva. These kittens are seeking a forever home. They have been hand raised and loved in our home. They are litter box trained, weaned, eating solid foods. Bombay's are known for their cuddly, bed snuggling nature and striking panther like coat. Balinese have a fawn silky coat with blue eyes. In this single litter we ended up with two male Tuxedo kittens, one remaining. And one exotic blue with charcoal markings perhaps of American Shorthair origin since it takes that cross with the Siamese to create the Balinese, also available. They are all adorable and unique in their own beautiful way. These are non-papered pet quality kittens that have the appearance of their purebred counterparts without the extreme cost of papers. If you enjoy the appearance of an exotic looking cutie look no further. We are happy to facilitate delivery in So Cal Covid Safe during these times which means I will bathe the kittens thoroughly before introducing them to a new person. Delivery fee applies and is calculated based on your location. Of course you are welcome to come select the cutie you'd like to keep as well no charge.


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Hello Providence...Sorry but I have never packaged a kitten to travel cross country. I only deliver locally in other words to southern California.
If you re read the ad it states that I can only process local deliveries. My apologies.
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