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December 27, 2020
North Carolina - NC
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This is Ivan Drago he is an all-black boy. He is an F1 Standard Labradoodle that when fully grown will be between 60-80 lbs. He was born on December 27th, 2021, and is ready for his forever home. His parents are Bonnie a 60 lb black standard poodle, and his dad is Toro an 80lb chocolate lab. Both of her parents have been health tested through Embark and cleared before breeding. Ivan is something else even at their big size he thinks he is a tiny puppy. This leads to hours of fun and laughing at him doing silly things. He is also a sweetheart that is always ready to give kisses and get an ear scratch. He gets spoiled because he knows how to use them puppy eyes when needed. Ivan is crate trained and also working on housebreaking, he is catching on smoothly. He has been around children and other pets with the sounds of an everyday household. He will come with food (both dry and wet), treats, toys, blankets that smell like mom, and some other items to help make the transition to her forever home more smooth. To see more pictures and pictures of the parents please visit our website https://www.forevercountrypuppies.com/standardpoodles


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