Great Hedgehog For Sale in Iowa


Low Moor
Iowa - IA
I am moving into an apartment that does not allow pets. Looking to sale a male African Pygmy Hedgehog. Pedigree (4th generation). He is a little bit anxious around loud noises, so an ideal home for him would be on the quiet side. He is very curious and loves to explore. He takes a while to warm up, but very sweet once he is accustomed to you. He is a big fan of cat food and meal worms, but will eat any brand of exotic or small animal feed. He has lived with cats and dogs previously and did not seem to mind them, so he should be fine with other pets.

Included with purchase:

Exercise wheel
Hedgehog guidebook
Papers/official documents
Large cage
Travel crate
Pyrex water bowl & food dish
Critter Cruiser ball
Wooden house
Thermometer (he should be kept in environments 68-83 degrees Fahrenheit)

Please contact me for picture and further information. Can ship or deliver if you live close enough to me.


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Hello! This is the first time looking at hedgehogs and we are very interested in your little guy. We were wondering if you could tell us a little more information about him. History, how old he is, medical history (shots), and does he have a name? Any information would be great!

Thank you!!
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